That great 4th of July

posted on: 7.11.2011

I've decided the 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays. I'm pretty sure our awesome neighborhood has something to do with it.
Here's why...

The 10th annual Stratford 4th of July parade. Each year more and more neighbors come out, deck out, and wave flags. But it's got this great small town feel that makes it so fun.

We spent the night prior decking out Tate's bike. It's still decorated:)

 We sat on the side, threw bit-o-honey's to the paraders, and marveled at how many people came out this year.

 We had horses...
We had beauty queens...
 We had tutu'd dogs...
And of course, pants & skirts made from duck tape!
 The 4th of July parade alone should make you want to move (or stay!) in this neighborhood. It's the best!

 It doesn't end there, because at the end of the parade there is a street carnival for kids. Snow cones, ring toss, face painting, music and catching up. I was thrilled to see my favorite neighborhood girls running the snow cone stand like champs:)

And after all is done, ride around the corner and we're home. 

 Snow cones for breakfast weren't enough for us, so we headed up to my favorite Salt Lake City breakfast eatery, Ruth's, with my family. Soooo well worth the wait. We dined on the patio, perfect temperature, live band, and cinnamon pecan french toast. Perfection.

I filled up my afternoon by visiting this darling little boy. This might be my favorite picture yet. Those lips! Ahhh, can you stand it?! I need him home so we can make out all day.

 Fireworks later that night at the Country Club with the Horsley's. Too loud for Tate I guess.
 And please reassure me that we aren't the worst parents ever and you've taken your newborn to fireworks too? I think he can still hear.

Topped the night off (whew!!) with sparklers, and pina colada's at our house. In bed past midnight for us all... but one of the best 4th's we've ever had.


  1. Beautiful photos and your children are just so perfect. x

  2. I keep thinking, "wow, look at everything Chelsea can social!" and then I have to remember I just had a baby. I hope to be up to speed and can enjoy the rest of summer like you! Keep it up!! We miss you guys!

  3. i want tate's 4th outfit.

    and seriously! those lips!

  4. Oh that looks like so much fun! Tate is so cute. I wish we lived closer so we could get together again...I had such a great time! Are you going to Alyssa's wedding?

  5. as we already discussed, I, too, love the fourth! yours looks especially fun. I need to come to that parade next year, and your kids are beauts. I love the make out comment. let me know when I can babysit them this week.

  6. looks like you and your family had a marvelous time... love the pictures!

  7. hi there! i can't remember how i stumbled across your blog but i check in now and again. looks like your fourth was wonderful, ruth's has the best biscuits and jam. yum. yay your little finn is home. i hope tuck isn't too far behind!

  8. that parade! i think i will be there next year. how fun! honestly, what a great day. love that you went to ruth's. i'm craving it now. best breakfast every. maybe we should head up there saturday morning?

  9. so cute! i'm good friends with the red buzzed head girl with the baby!!!

  10. that looks like the perfect fourth. fun that your neighborhood has taken the parade to a whole new level. tate's bike made me laugh out loud. love the cans with american flags. she looks like she is in heaven. you look gorgeous in that striped dress - i've been eying that for a long time and i think you just pushed me over the edge. love ruth's. i want to make out with tuck too. AND i wish i could have been at your house to do sparklers. this makes me so homesick and excited for the 21st! see you soon.

  11. I couldn't agree more. The Stratford neighborhood does the 4th right. We were there too and probably will be there for years to come. Wouldn't miss it!

  12. Looks like ya'll had a lovely 4th. I have to know where you got your outfit? The one you're wearing walking with your mother?

  13. what a happy time! this is a great post for your neighborhood. it makes me want to move there! i need some of that pecan cinnamon french toast right about now too. your babies are adorable. can't wait for the little one to come home.

  14. What a fun street, and fun day!! I too LOVE the 4th:)


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