One home and One to go

posted on: 7.01.2011

There's a little surprise at our house this week, and he weighs about seven pounds.
Yup, Finn came home! 56 days in the Nicu was his cook time, and now he's done. 

The only word I have to describe the feeling I had when we were finally home with him, holding him with no cords or monitors attached, with no nurses around, was pure joy. I was literally smiling all day.
Tate was finally able to meet him with out a window in between, and although she told me she was scared at first, she has now become his second mother.

She absolutely adores him, and so do we!

The only sad part of this event was knowing his other half was still at the hospital (and will be for at least a couple weeks), still hooked up to cords and monitors, and not getting the love and cuddles he deserves.
Hurry Tuck, hurry and come home soon.


  1. Hiiii baby boy!! I love him. He is so precious. I am trying so hard to not just show up at your house and love on him...and introduce him to his new best friend, Maxwell. I'm so happy he's home. Come on baby Tuck!

  2. SO MUCH HAPPINESS for you! Wow. What an amazing blessing.

    Beautiful work mom and dad. Such a great family. Thanks for keeping us updated. :)

  3. Wow, he's beautiful! What an amazing day. (& it looks like you figured out your boy style expertly.)

  4. this post made me happy

    then a lil sad but it's just a matter of time.

    hurry up tuck!!!!

  5. Hooray! That is so great! I bet it truly does feel so much better and awesome and all that jazz! I'll keep praying for Tuck!

  6. Sigh of relief, and a little teary looking at Tate's face: I don't know if she could exude more love if she tried. Such great news.

  7. What a beautiful family you are! And your children are beyond gorgeous... I hope your little baby boy will join you soon. x

  8. Chelsea,

    He is SO cute!! He looks so much like your husband! Congrats on 1/2 of your sweet bundle coming home :)

  9. So EXCITING! He is adorable! Your sweet little Tate is the cutest little mommy :)

  10. wow! congratulations and i can't believe it's been so long! poor little tuck still in the nicu, but i'm sure he's getting the best care that he needs. those pictures of tate and finn are precious.
    on an aside note... has tate seen the new cars movie - i think she has... she must love that there is a finn mcmissile in the movie!

  11. Yayyy!!!! So happy for you, can't wait to meet him!

  12. Congratulations on bringing Finn home! I can only imagine what joy that brought to you and your family! I love how much you can tell that Tate loves her little brother, adorable!


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