Last weekend I learned...

posted on: 7.29.2011

 This past weekend I was here. Yes it's true, Paris. 
The classy one. You know, in Vegas.
I went with my mom for a little getaway, with the purpose of checking out a possible place for Wyatt to do his rotations, in Bakersfield CA.
I learned some things along the way...
 There really are some parts of the drive from Salt Lake to Vegas that are pretty.

 Expect to see some strange forms of "art" on the Vegas strip

 I learned I really like my mom. She is super cool.

 and to never, never pass up a meal at Spago. Especially their house made s'more. Major Foodgasm.

 I learned by accident that all the flashy bright lights can actually be pretty.

 And that Bakersfield isn't all that bad. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised.
 I learned that finding the "charming neighborhoods" in a new area will make you feel a whole lot better about moving there. They do exist, even in Bakersfield.

Vegas has some real cool moons. Low and huge and orange. But never ask mom to take their picture or else they'll turn out like this.

 I learned to always make time to stop by the Kate Spade store to ooh and ahhh  over clever displays... and snatch up a pair of adorable gold bow earrings while you're at it.

That reminiscing with a dear old friend is one of the best ways to spend an evening.

That I have a rockstar of a husband who arranged for me to go on this trip and was totally fine watching our three while I was gone.

...And, that it's time to leave when you witness a young girl with a plumbers crack recounting her sexual endeavors from the previous night, and then giving her beaf-jerky- eating mother a lap dance at the pool.
Leave, leave then.


  1. I love a good girl's trip. Especially one with your own mom. Vegas is bittersweet but looks like you found the sweet.
    p.s. did you say Foodgasm? :)

  2. eeew on the last part! lol.. loved the pictures and you've really got me excited about bakersfield. does this mean you are going there??? you must email me with details. did you check out the neighborhood rosewood? where were those cute homes? are both babies at home? wyatt is amazing... you are one lucky girl.

  3. what a fun trip! and yeah, that last part..i hate to say it but, where i live, i see stuff like that all the time. it's super-awesome here.

  4. yay!! I'm so happy that you liked Bakersfield-- with any luck you will be there with us-- I've got my fingers crossed!

  5. i love so many things about this post. probably a tie between the last sentence and the "foodgasm" comment. :) best of luck on a smooth transition to life in california. your blog is adorable, and when i have a family... i want the same motto on your chalkboard.


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