Competitive Hopscotch

posted on: 7.14.2011

Wait. You didn't know Hopscotch was now a sport?
Oh yes!
We had quite the little hopscotch competition on our driveway a couple weeks ago. Tate even busted out the microphone and did her best announcer voice
"AAAAAND, next up we have Wyyyyyatt Horsley!"

 We each performed a trick when we jumped from square to square. He showed her all the cool tricks, and definitely beat me out with that jump and hand stand.
Tate basically thinks he's the bomb.

Who knew a little chalk on the sidewalk would be so entertaining?

ps- I'm trying to catch up all that's been going on. Stay tuned for
Finn & Tucks first bath (that we gave them)
Tate + tennis
My thoughts on friends
The kids new rooms
Tate's first lemonade stand
Finn & Tuck, polar opposite
Lazy days at the pool


  1. LOVE your blog. You have such a neat family. Tate is a beauty and those twins are going to be lookers too. Can't wait till you are all 5 together at home. Dads should be the bomb in their child's mind and heart.

  2. Congrats on the big win Wyatt! It is nice to see you have not lost that "take no prisoners" attitude.


  3. OK, the truth is out...Wyatt hasn't been studying medicine...he's been enrolled in a highly competitive, extreme hopscotching academy. X you come!! I notice you didn't invite Grandma to the tournament....a little afraid are we??

  4. okay, could wyatt be any cuter of a dad? obsessed with this.

  5. That is so fun! Excited to hear all the upcoming info!

  6. Can't wait for your updates :) your family has been in our prayers. Can't wait for a picture with all 5 of you:) you are one strong family.

  7. I'm excited for all of the posts coming up-- and this might be my new fav post-- LOVE it! Wy is such a good Daddy and you are such a CUTE document-er ;)


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