She, Me and Us...

posted on: 6.26.2011

This weekend she...
Got new roller skates and is practicing so hard to get her balance
Graduated to a booster seat!
Got a snow cone
Went on a date night with her grandma, papa, and cousins to see Cars 2, had burgers and root beer floats for dinner, followed by smores, and then camping in the tent with papa in the backyard! 
Ate pancakes
Went swimming with cousins, twice.
What it would be to be a kid again, right?!

Filled the freezer (for the 10th time) with my milk, there's no shortage here
Enjoyed a Nielsen's Frozen Custard
Took Tate swimming, twice
Felt like a newlywed again on a date with Wyatt that ended with us not having to put Tate to bed, or wake up with her in the morning! Sleepovers at Grandma's & Papa's should be a monthly thing.
Saw the movie Midnight in Paris with Wy- pretty good
Ate an entire bag of frozen grapes
Visited my sweet boys
Watched Friday Night Lights (more Tim Riggins please!)

Attended the Arts Festival with Brooke
Waited in line for a very average slice of $4 pizza for 30 minutes, and another 15 minutes for an un-carbonated Diet Coke
Forgot our stroller
Saw enough freaks and geeks to last us until next year
Left after the bribe of a snow cone or ice cream couldn't even keep Tate from wanting to just go home and go to bed.
Didn't see any art booths. darn.
Were really glad we got in for half off, since we only got a crappy slice of pizza out of it.

Her "why are you so annoying, just take me home already and stop taking pictures" face.

Me and Brooke made a late night visit to see Finn, ooh'd and aww'd at how cute he is, then enjoyed another frozen custard from Nielsen's.

Definitely, a successful weekend! 


  1. gosh dang it you're cute. we should get together for a play date. that sounds like i only have playdates with cute people. it's not like that i swear...wink.

  2. You have the cutest family hands down! You are all so beautiful and I just love you all!!!

    London has those pink Natives too. They are the BEST shoes ever. That is all I am buying every summer.

    We are excited for Tate on Friday to come play (:

  3. beautiful kids Chels :) your such a cute it ;)

  4. Chels,

    Your update made me so happy for you, in all your american glory. What a beautiful summer!

    Also, how on earth do you look SO amazing after having twins? If you could give me your secrets, I would like to start using them now pre-babies.

    all my love,

  5. frozen grapes that made my day. I live off those in the summer!! my kids think they're yuck. Why is Tate the cutest little girl ever? And, you look stunning in the fam arts fest pic!

  6. what a fun weekend. makes me miss utah so much...especially because it's 113 degrees here!

    you look amazing and i can't believe you just had twins. hopefully we can plan a gno while i'm in town. can't wait to see ya!xo

  7. Agreed--you look great! Freezer looks good to go! WOW--pumping for twins. You. are. amazing. For reals, props to you! :)

  8. gosh those boys are cute. and so is your dress. and tate. im glad she's having so much fun... it's summertime after all. i'll switch lives with tate for a few days, k?

  9. Oh my goodness- I had to check in and see how those adorable babies are doing. They are so precious!! I love the way you describe Tate's little life too- I think having my own little girl I know exactly how this phase is so much fun and so busy. So glad all is well! I am getting soooo ready to come home for a summer visit (just think back to your carribean days when you couldn't wait to see family and eat american things!!). Also, have to say you look absolutely gorgeous!! You don't even look like you just had twins!! :) wow.

  10. honestly, do people realize how big the graduation to the booster seat is? :) i love that little girl of yours! i want many more swimming dates at the pool with her this summer. i CANNOT wait to hold these little boys of yours. i'm dying here. eat finn, eat!

  11. I LOVE frozen grapes but had forgotten about them! Thanks for the reminder! Love that freezer of milk too btw.

  12. Chelsea! You look great! We miss you guys!

  13. Okay, you are so milfy it kills me, your kid is a rock star and that your husband's good looks are coming through Finn's sweet face more and more! I've decided pizza is truly the best in NY, but Nelson's custard can't be beat and it's only found in trusty Utah - so it evens out right? Miss you, when we get home please plan a visit from the original two Biedrowski's!

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