Fat and Happy

posted on: 6.23.2011

The boys are doing great! Both have turned a corner (cross your fingers it stays that way), and we are hoping to see them home in the next few weeks. I'm not getting my heart set on anything, because if I've learned anything through this process it's that they are definitely on their own time frame. We have no control. Do we ever though?
But boy, are they getting big! Now 7 weeks old, Tuck (above) weighs about 6.5 pounds (could you just die at that adorable smile!), and Finn (below) weighs just over 7 pounds. Real life babies now. The nurses say they are fat and happy, Finn especially. He's got a little case of the summer lazy's I think. He's perfectly fine just being fed through a tube, and so far, doesn't seem to have an ounce of aggression in his bones. A good quality to brag about, but not when he's supposed to be eating better than he is at this point. A little aggressiveness on his part wouldn't hurt when it comes to taking a bottle.
It's all that he has left to "pass off" before he comes home.

Look how content he is with that feeding tube doing all the work for him. I can't really blame him though, can I?


  1. Those pictures are so precious and beautiful.
    I hope the twins get to come home really soon !!

    Bisous :)

  2. GREAT news!!
    The boys are so handsome already. Will continue to have you in our thoughts and best wishes.
    hugs and love to you.

  3. oh they're so cute! glad to get this good update. xo

  4. they are perfect!!! i love those sweet faces. and you look amazing!

  5. Such sweet little boys! It'll be great to see them go home!

  6. That first pic. reminded me of Wyatt the moment I saw it. I am so happy for you!

  7. If there's anything I learned in NICU days is it is a roller coaster of emotions and you cannot plan on ANYTHING! Such sweet boys they are!

  8. yay...they are darling. hope i get to meet them while i'm in town.

  9. Yay!!! SO happy for you!
    I'm sure they'll be home SO soon and then we'll be lucky if you have even a MOMENT to tell us about them.

    Can't wait till you feel complete as a family!

  10. look at those darling boys. i love their names. i'm so glad they're doing well!

  11. YaaaaaaaaaaaY!!!

    Hurry! Hurry boys! Auntie Jen wants to meet you too!!

  12. they are so sweet...and i'm overjoyed that we might get to play with them soon! these pictures are so cute!

  13. They are getting so big! My babes were still tiny when they came home from the NICU. You will be so grateful to have them bigger because they usually sleep better. I can't wait for them to come home for you guys! They are so adorable~

  14. I hope they come home soon darling! they are just absolutely precious.



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