Dads are rad...

posted on: 6.19.2011

 Because even though they have to study for the biggest test of their career so far, they make time to visit their new boys in the hospital every single day.

 Because they skip school for the morning to volunteer to read a story to their little girl's preschool class.

 Because who else would tell her when to run from 2nd base to 3rd?

 Because they climb into tents for story time.

Because 30 minutes before the circus starts they say "let's go to the circus, we need some fun!"

And they do things like take their daughter on bike rides to the park at 7am, and say because "it might be the only time we can play all day, so if she wants to go on a bike ride to the park at 7am we'll take a bike ride to the park".
That's the kind of rad dad he is.

 Every kid needs a dad like him & we all absolutely adore him!
Happy Fathers Day Wy!

To my sweet dad & generous father in law too... Happy Fathers Day! You're rad.


  1. Darling! Wy truly is such a wonderful Dad. Happy Father's day!

  2. so darling. wyatt is the best dad - we've been taking notes for years. that picture in the teepee is the sweetest thing i've seen. love love! happy father's day, wy!

  3. They are one lucky girl and two lucky little boys to have a Dad like Wyatt (or three lucky little boys if you let Tate/Jake add it up!) Sweet post for an awesome guy! Happy Father's Day Wy!

  4. wyatt is a rad dad and luckily ezra has one rad dad too... we are so lucky chels to have husbands like these. love this post. you always know how to tug at my heart strings. good luck to wyatt on the step! he's going to do great - i just know it!

  5. Wyatt is simply the best! Definitely the model dad. What a cute guy to go read a book to Tate's preschool class. I'm loving that, and everything above. Happy Father's Day, Wy.

  6. Wyatt's a great dad. We miss you guys.

  7. there is no better father! i don't know why that picture of tate leaning of his knee at her school while he read a book to her class made me emotional. it's those seemingly simple things though that mean the most and you can tell how happy she is to have him there. such a darling relationship those two have! way to go wy. those 3 babies of yours are the luckiest in the world!

  8. Adorable! I agree with Dru that pic of Tate leaning on Wyatts knee totally caught my eye. You can tell she just loves everything about him. That tells so much about a dad. So adorable!

  9. catching this late, but what a sweet post! great photos and a loving father!


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