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posted on: 6.07.2011

The boys are good... they aren't home, and won't be for a couple weeks still, but they are good (still at separate hospitals)
I'm okay too... Wyatt, and my family, and girls nights are saving me.
I'm pumping 24/7... or so it seems.
Wyatt's studying for his boards 24/7... literally
Tate is cruising around on her bike, walking her "dogs" Buddy and Moses, and washing our car every morning with her water gun.

The boys have made some milestones as of late that are quite exciting to us...

Already a month old.
Finn is 6 pounds now! Can you believe it? I feel like he's so chubby.
Tuck is close behind at 5 pounds 8 ounces!
Finn graduated out of the isolette and can now keep his own temperature up and wear clothes.
Tuck and Finn both started learning how to suck on a bottle this week.
Both are adorable and perfect and so so so sweet.

Tate finally got to meet Tuck and loved every minute with "her tucky tucky".

She is already a wonderful big sister and is so sweet and caring with them. Her heart is so big. They are so lucky to have her.

Sweet sleepy Tuck. I've only seen his eyes open one time.

Tuck at one month old.

Skin to skin time with Tuck... my favorite moment with him yet.

Hooray for Finn! He's out of his plastic cage and into a bed.

Finn learning how to take a bottle... as you can see he still needs to learn to wake up first:) Every single nurse has commented on how sleepy both babies are. I told them I had applied the Baby Wise sleep techniques to them in the womb.

Cute Finn with his lip taped up, and one month old.

Who knows when I'll get around to blogging anything now but my three kids. I'm already stressed that I haven't been keeping a good enough record of their growth, milestone's, and face expressions. These are our last two, so I've gotta remember everything!


  1. they are so beautiful! seriously, GORGEOUS babies. and big! 6lbs. is amazing! they've basically doubled birth weight in a month, am i right?

    can't wait until they are both in your arms and this time is just a distant memory. you will get there-that day will come, even though it seems like it wont.

    love you.

  2. oh i am so glad to see this post. again, you look incredibly amazing. thank god you have your family around you and are home... the boys are adorable and it made me so happy to see tate with her tucky tuck for the first time. big hug to you and good luck to wyatt. everything will all work out and you are all only getting stronger from this experience.

  3. Just love those sweet babies and am so glad Tate got to meet her tucky tucky. Love that sweet girl and am dying to meet those precious little lovers. They are beautiful. And I totally think Tate looks JUST like you in that first picture. Same expression and everything.

    P.s. As I looked at your blog today I realized that I'm unintentionally a big fat copycat. Just changed my subject font... And realized it was the same as yours. And then looked back at Tate picking out her bike and realized I have almost those exact same pictures of Aves on her bday. I didn't realize we got bikes at the same place and everything but love that our twinner tomboys have twinner pictures.

  4. So happy to see the boys (and the rest of the family) doing so well! And already 6 lbs? That's awesome! You are such a trooper mom. Keep up the good work.

    xo Miranda

    (ps my word verification is "inheat" pretty funny:)

  5. Yay!!! So happy to see this post! They look great and so do you:) Keep hanging in there! We will be up at the end of June for 2 wks, so i want to come see you or plan to get together or something! I will call you. Love ya!

  6. Honestly Chelsea, they are so precious. I can't believe how much they have both grown. I love all the milestones. It is probably so exciting having Finn in a bed. Wow. Congrats again and hang in there. Can't wait for them to be home with you and for Wyatt's test to be done. Love ya girl!

  7. congrats hun--they're beautiful. :) and so are you! you just had twins, REALLY?!? sheesh!

  8. Your babies are so beautiful!

  9. those pictures! i'm dying. i can't wait until i can get in some skin to skin time with them. jk :) we just couldn't get enough of that expression when maddie was in the hospital. i'm so happy they are growing! truly adorable in every way. you guys are campions. and we'd be happy to do as many girls nights as you need before these little ones come home.

  10. you blog all you want about your adorable three kids! GO FINN AND TUCK! i am rooting for them!!

  11. So, I'm a total blog stalker of yours! I'm Erin (Cowley) Mendenhall and we went to Churchill and Skyline together. I've been following you for a little while and wanted to just offer my support and say hats off for doing such a great job with so much on your plate. I was feeling sorry for myself at having to move across the country while 33 weeks pregnant for my husband to start residency in Plastic Surgery. Then I saw all that you have going on and it doesn't even compare! Just studying for the boards is enough pressure on a family, let alone moving around while pregnant with twins, then having those twins in 2 different NICUs!!! Good luck with everything! (Hope you don't mind the stalking and random comment!) -Erin Mendenhall

  12. I just had to comment and tell you how incredibly adorable those little boys are. Could your family be any cuter. I would love to bring you guys dinner sometime soon. I'll be in touch.

  13. Tate's expression is priceless!! She so obviously loves her Tucky, Tucky!! You guys are doing an amazing job! Love the pictures, love the beautiful boys, love you all:)

  14. 1. You are a champ for nursing that much!

    2. Tate, you are going to be the best big sister 2 boys could ask for... honest to goodness!

    3. Love that you get some baby skin time. There is nothing like the softness of a wee one!

    4. Can I get a woot-woot for Finn!! So exciting!

    5. Girls night any night you need, my friend! Even if I have to scold our waitresses. lol

    6. The extra meal... 30-35 on, 30 off, 10 to rest. Just a quick revise. ;)

    7. Wyatt, I'm so glad you can take a minute to eat and... look at sports online. ha

    8. I truly love you all SO much!! Goodbye.


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