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posted on: 5.03.2011

One of my favorite bloggers, Bridget, from Tales of Me and the Husband, posted some tips for visiting a new mother on new-to-me blog Lady Lee. I think they're spot on. Fine with me, call me a little high maintenance. But, when it comes to those first few weeks I figure I'm entitled to calling the shots around here. While it is necessary to visit with the outside world to keep your sanity when you first arrive home, and not to mention everyone wants to see that brand new baby yawn, I also think there is nothing more exhausting than having guests over constantly (and I'd like to have some advance notice to cover up those lovely large milk producing girls)! Are any of my friends/neighbors going to want to come by now?

With so many of my friends having babies right now, it's a good reminder for me too. Practice what you preach, right?

Do you agree... what do you think is too much? What would you add?


  1. Being a mom of two.... I completely agree. Sometimes the visitors can be more tiring than your new little bean! It's not that you don't want them there... you just wish the excitement of your new baby wouldn't wash out there common sense and good manners!

  2. I totally agree with you. I would add don't ring the doorbell when you show up and if the baby is asleep don't ask the Mom to wake up the baby so you can hold the new bundle!
    Chelsea- You look fabulous I was 10x bigger with one baby. How are you so tiny and stylish?

  3. If i lived in utah i would be be beyond belief scared to visit you now. haha Just kidding. that post is hilarious. # 9 is my favorite

  4. Two of my favorite things I got when I had my kids was a bunch of paper products (that way I did not have to slave over the dish washer as often) and the other thing was a meal that someone cooked me that I could throw in the freezer and take out WHENEVER I NEEDED it! I agree with all the other things TOTALLY!

  5. chelsea, glad you liked it! yours can be even stricter since you'll have two, say i.

  6. i would add: don't stay longer than 20 minutes. get in, get out-leave food! even if you are close, close friends. there is just too much to do during that time that involves blood & breastmilk & you need privacy. my bf just had a beeb & her husband's friends stayed until almost 11pm when they visited! she was dying & i couldn't believe it when i found out. so so rude.

  7. your timing was INSPIRED! congrats- we are sooo happy for you I can't wait for pics!

  8. I can't agree more with the new mom tips.... doesn't everyone feel this way? if not, they should.

    and I NEED to know what those brownies are from your baby shower. I haven't stopped thinking about them all day.


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