Picture of the Week

posted on: 5.13.2011

This week can be summed up in one word.... chaos. Such is our life right now.
But this picture of Wyatt and Tate reading before bed (hours past her usual bedtime, pre-chaos) makes me smile. It sums up Tate's quirky and hilarious personality, don't you think? Tee ball hat on sideways, blankie and Baby Susie.
A little girl, who's a little tomboy.


  1. Chelsea- I just love reading your blog. I am so looking forward to being a mom (not for a while yet, though), and hope I can handle it as beautifully, confidently and funly (don't care it's not a word) as you.... or as you make it seem. =) All the best to you and yours. Love and hugs.

  2. What's so funny?? I always read my bedtime stories with my gansta hat on:) Love that girl and love her even more for being such a trooper!! You guys are wonderful parents...all three of your little ones are lucky:)

  3. that was me as a kid. i think that's why i adore her so much! hope you're settling into a less chaotic routine everyday - or just embracing the chaos. : )

  4. Tate is precious, and so are those little twins. I seriously considered naming Johnny Finn, I love that name! Congrats on three beautiful children and good luck with the adventures that are sure to come!!


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