posted on: 5.06.2011

Cute little Tate has been "featured" (I know, she's cooler than either one of us) on one of my favorite kids blogs, The Children's Corner. For what you ask? Oh, just her super cool 4 year old style. Which if you know her well, you know is all her. See it all here.


  1. you just cut it out. she's freaking adorable. and let's be honest...she got all her style from you.


    take care of those goobers for me. where are you? i want to come see you when i get to slc.

  2. did we hear the babies came?!?!

  3. and yes, tate is ridiculously cute! those outfits are to DIE for at any age!

  4. i love tate's style and must have a girl just to have this fun experience you get to have of dressing up your little doll! i read your comment on children's corner - are your babes here? i'm so excited for you if they are. congratulations! what great timing! happy babymoon.

  5. i know! your baby's so cute!!

    i noticed that right when i started following the ol' blog.

    and yes. she HAD to have gotten it from her mama!!!

  6. She's looks beautiful in all those pictures! Remember when she was on the cover of that baby magazine? Of course you remember, duh. You've got a movie star on your hands.


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