Celebrating the Twins!

posted on: 5.02.2011

This weekend was fun! My in laws threw a fabulous shower to celebrate the twins soon arrival, and it was really nice to finally celebrate instead of just prepare.

In true Pat Horsley fashion, the shower was absolutely amazing and I felt so spoiled. 

 The real stars of the party were these cuties. The twins will be so lucky to have two cousins so close in age. Wells, above, is my sister in law Maddie's and below is Graham, who is my sister in law Eve's. 

Tate asked me if our twins will be as cute as them? I'm not sure they could be.

I can't thank my dear friends and family enough for all their love, help and support since we've been home. It's such a nice feeling.
It was so fun to see and celebrate with everyone! (many of whom aren't pictured)

Especially thank you to my sweet and thoughtful in laws who all worked hard to make this a special day.
I had a blast!


  1. Are you sure you are really pregnant with twins? I've never seen someone look so tiny and beautiful with such a small belly! You look happy, I wish you the best :)

  2. i must second that comment! you do look amazing chels. i'm trying to look as good as you do not pregnant. i need your skin regime spelled out for me too! such a fun day and we had a blast preparing for it. pat's envision always amazes me. happy twinners! can't wait to meet them. i'm sure they will be every bit as darling as wells and graham. you all just have cute babies!! hopefully ty and i won't be the ones to ruin that :)

  3. It was so much fun and you were so worth the spoiling. I just got busted! London said, "WHAT!! TATE WAS THERE!" Shoot. It was also fun running into you at the store. Hope you bought some nummy treats to feed those growing twins. Cannot wait to meet them.

  4. Ok, how are you not ginormous? You look so beautiful Chelsea!

  5. i'm thirding (wait, fourthing) the comments above. you look AWESOME. im sure you feel huge but you dont look it! go chels!

    and her house is beautiful.

  6. well, thanks everyone! not so sure i look "GREAT", but I'll take anything right now:)

  7. So fun to finally celebrate your babes. You are one classy pregnant lady.

  8. you are sooooo adorable! and you're one lucky girl to have such fab in laws. what a party!

  9. Babies in attendance at a baby shower? Awesome! I wish I wasn't the first of my friends having one or else there would have been/would be some at my showers. I need practice!

  10. i almost bought that anthro top the other day! it is so cute with a belly underneath. xo


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