Released from the prison

posted on: 4.13.2011

I have no pictures to prove it, but I've been sent home! 
The babies seem to be doing fine staying put in there a bit longer, and I've just got to make sure to take it easy and stay on "modified bed rest" per doctors orders. Such better news than I had anticipated! I especially just wanted to say thank you so so much for everyone's concern and love. I know I probably didn't return your call, text, or email while in the hospital, but please know how much they all meant to me. It was so nice to get a sweet message or call from friends, neighbors, and family, and the generosity didn't go unnoticed. Thank you all for offering your help with Tate too... now that I probably will call you back about:)

This week we're working on getting settled into our house (well everyone except me is working on it), and it's time for us to sell some things again.
In a couple days I'll be posting several nursery/home decor items for sale here first, before I list them on Craigslist. Off the top of my head I know there will be Tate's crib, upholstered rocker, Dash & Albert rug, two strollers, an infant car seat, Belle Notte crib bumper, and PB kids book rack + matching shelf. Tate's getting a big girls room, so most her nursery stuff is going (which is killing me!)


  1. Wow. I just got caught up on the bloggy. You really are loved. If you've had a baby preterm, you know how intense and scary things can get. {For two weeks I didn't get bathroom privileges and it was awful!} I'm so so glad to hear you're doing better. You look beautiful!

  2. Glad you and the babies are doing well and released from the hospital. Keep it easy although you sound busy already.
    I need to sell my boys baby stuff on craigs too, any tips? last time I tried nothing posted where others could view it so I gave up.

  3. glad to hear things are going better. i bet that was scary for you guys. good luck with everything, you're in our thoughts and prayers for a healthy rest of your pregnancy. :)

  4. Shoot Chelsea. I can't afford to buy stuff right now and I know I'll want it all. I went to your house last night with Wy and Matt. It is a dream. So glad you get to move back in and extremely happy for you that you're not held hostage at the hospital.

  5. I'm so happy to hear you have been released. YAY!! That was so scary. Take it easy - can't wait to see the little guys, but hopefully not for a couple more months!!

  6. I am so happy you are going home and those babies are staying put!

    I got my tatertot clips today and they're gorgeous!!! Thank you dearly for sending them with everything you had going on! I know a little girl who will love them.

  7. Glad you are home safe. I hope you will post some decor pictures when you are more settled in!

  8. Oh miss Chelsea! Bless your little heart(s). Thinking of you and the babes!

  9. Thinking about and praying for you and your sweet twin boys!


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