Like Christmas Morning

posted on: 4.25.2011

We are officially moved in to our new-old house, lovingly referred to as "the gold house". As if we have a purple house, a blue house, and an orange house.
Officially means we are sleeping here, it does not by any standard mean I know where anything is, or have things in their place. Still working on that. 
BUT... last week I got to unpack those boxes of home decor + everything else we own that didn't make the trip down to the Caribbean with us (which means everything) and it was Christmas morning all over again! I know it's silly, and it's just "stuff", but my-oh-my I love my stuff.

 Stacks of dishes have never made me happier! It's nice to have more than four plates again.

Artwork, although not yet hung, seems so fancy to me now after having posters and pictures taped to our walls in Dominica. We are actually, kinda-sorta, living like grown ups again.

And I can finally start using furniture that I picked out and not just what the landlord had on hand. Imagine that.
Most excited about this pink velvet chair in Tate's room (my favorite ksl score to date). Also I feel I must mention, it's since been cleaned and looks like new again (if anyone needs an upholstery cleaning recommendation I have a great one). Okay, getting off topic now...

I'm telling you, if you're itching to re-do your house, just put everything in storage for a year (or in my case two) and all of the sudden it's new & exciting again. Works like a charm.


  1. Love all your decorating! You have such great style! Could you share where you got the storage unit type piece of furniture shown in the third picture down? Love it! We are looking for something just like that.

  2. Sally, thanks! The console table, believe it or not, is from Ikea. It's a gray wash & really sturdy. I love it!

  3. i love your dishes! and that chair is awesome.

  4. you have such great kid style!

    recently found your blog and LOVE checking in and reading about what you and your adorable family are up to... seems like its always something! tate seems like such fun and she really is the cutest little thing.

    have a great day!

  5. Chels I miss you. Hope you are doing well on your modified bed rest. I loved the home decor. It was time to feel cozy again, and nest a little for the boys.

  6. I love that chair.

  7. What a great feeling to have all your stuff back. I hope never to have to live in a furnished place again. lol


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