posted on: 4.09.2011

This week I:

-moved back to utah for the summer. third move in 6 months, and i'll have another one in 4 months again.
-temporarily moved into my parents until wyatt gets here on monday and we can move back into this house once again.
-spent 5+ hours scouring that glorious, but exhausting ikea to buy:
   2 gulliver cribs
   one leka baby gym
   2 kompisar bumpers (which mom declared as "institutional looking" and insist i keep looking)
   one twin mattress for tate
   one twin down comforter for tate + pillow
   one nightstand for tate
   one sideboard table 
   one dining room table
   4 dining room table chairs
   one lamp for tate
   one lamp for twins
   one rug
-spent the next day stocking up on all those baby essentials x2 for the boys. 14 bottles a day is what i estimated for. 2 new infant car seats. 2 new vibrating seats. a pile of binky's, and about a million burp rags. 
-never thought i'd be 30 weeks and just getting the chance to prepare for two new babies

wyatt gets in on monday with our car full of what we took to michigan, and having just a little over a month to study for the biggest test he'll take in med school. good timing on our part, right?:) this weekend i have planned to (hire buff dad's and brothers in law) to move all our furniture + boxes that have been in storage for the past two years... back into our house.... just for the summer (until we'll get to do it all over again in august, across country:) anyone want to take bets on whether or not we'll even get unpacked by the time we have to pack up again? it's comical, really.

my back aches
my legs ache
my head aches
i'm waddling 
and completely overwhelmed by all that still needs to happen in order to feel "prepared" and somewhat calm about their arrival. basically i'm freaking out. and please don't tell me when they come that's all that will matter and everything else will just fall into place, because i'll just call your bluff. i'd like to at least have unpacked my pots + pans before i'm having to sterilize those 14 bottles. and heaven forbid i have something cute hung up in their room to make it feel somewhat cozy. why do we have to move across the country TWICE, have twins, sell our house (oh, I didn't mention that?), and have wyatt's most important medical test all in the same summer? 
(wow, i'm really holding nothing back this post, am i?)

just to reassure you i'm actually not suicidal like i might sound, this cooky kid is keeping me smiling and laughing still. 
and if you wanted to bring me a box of girl scout cookies that would also keep me smiling.


  1. Oh my gosh. I feel overwhelmed for you. I know how stressed I felt getting ready for one baby...in a house I'm already settled in... Bless. Your. Heart. I hope you're able to make some good progress on the settling in this week. And I hope you can find some relief to the 30-week pregnant-with-twins aches, pains and stresses.

    P.s. That picture of Tate is awesome.

  2. Dying. You really are super woman! 30 weeks already? That is so wild. I want to come see you so bad. I will email you for details and promise to bring cookies ;)

  3. Ew, creepy Adam guy... who's that?
    :) mags

  4. If you haven't already, check in to the Podee bottles.... Podee.com. Brooks loves them, and was so, so, so life saving when we drove for driving from Miami to Az. Seriously, check them out. You can buy them at BabiesRus.

  5. wow chelsea - that is a lot. you're making me feel like i have it easy now. but, i think i could have a post like this in a year myself... my trouble is trying to fit everything into 6 duffle bags - maybe getting rid of stuff is going to pay off in the long run. but, i just know i'll be going to ikea to rebuy so many things myself - including a dining room table and chairs! we have a storage unit full of things but when we sold our house before moving here we sold half of our furniture with it! from the way things are looking for us, we'll be moving back to the country and then across the country twice in the next 6 months. do you have that same tight feeling in your chest that i do?

  6. Isn't it nice to have a care free young one to keep things light? Milo saves me from myself all too often. You're a superstar and everything is going to work out beautifully...you'll see!

    I saw the perfect mint green cotton for Tate...call or email and we'll discuss:)

  7. Take a breath, and just relax.
    And I'd send you some girl scout cookies except I don't know which you like, and I think they may be out of season. :(
    Any other requests?

  8. Yikes! Well, nice to be back where family can help, right?? Good luck!

  9. ughhh girl, that is a crazy schedule. so sorry chelsea. here's the bright side. time does go fast. and while it will suck in the meantime, and you will be overwhelmed, time does move quickly and you'll be settled in, look back, and be like, "We're already through that crap?! sweet!" and by then, MAYBE your boys will be sleeping through the night :)


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