posted on: 4.19.2011

My thoughts have been on the boys lately. Naturally. It's getting close now. I'm 30 weeks, and feeling a bit more ready. I keep wondering when they'll come- it could be this week, and it could be in six- neither would surprise me. I wonder how big they'll be- supposedly, they're each already the size Tate was when she was born. I wonder if they'll make it out scot-free and not have to spend time in the nicu. And like every pregnant woman, I wonder what they'll look like.
This week as I was unpacking boxes I ran across these photos, and thought

"what a freaking stud!"
I'm totally okay, actually praying & hoping, that both boys look like Wyatt. How luscious is that face?!
Oh please please, let them look like Wyatt.


  1. Wow, now i can see Tate looks almost identical to Wyatt! Very cute.

  2. yep, it's no wonder i had so many girlfriends. they all used me for wyatt! and that's no exaggeration! he's always been a looker!

  3. Oh Druby. I can think of several reasons why we use you!

    Chels, no matter what, these boys are going to be lookers. Lock the doors and throw away the keys when they are teenagers. TROUBLE!!! boys and girls are going be trying to knock down your door.

  4. When I saw the picture of Wyatt I seriously thought, when did Tate have that short of hair?

    I'm excited to meet the twins. Maybe they will have brown hair like you. Either way I am sure they will be darling.

  5. OK, yes, he IS adorable...and Tate looks just like him!! I, too, can hardly wait to meet those two! No matter who they look like, they'll be darling, and so well loved!

  6. Holy adorable little boy Wy... whoever these little men look like, they're sure to be PERFECTLY HANDSOME in every way. I love them already.

  7. Holy cow..I guess I never realized how much Tate looked like Wy. Your boys could be nothing but so handsome. I cannot wait to meet them!

  8. ADORABLE- I can't wait to see the little guys!


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