Twenty Six Weeks

posted on: 3.16.2011

Adios feet.
 You are quickly disappearing out of sight.
26 weeks and feeling okay. I feel more sore and further along than I did with Tate at this point. I'm hoping it's due to the fact that there's two in there, and not that my body is getting ready to deliver.

3pm is usually when I give up walking and start waddling with hands on my back hips, hair goes up in a pony, stretchy pants come on, and I pop two tylenol.

By 5pm I'm ready to call it quits for the day.

No real cravings.

Lots and lots of anxiety and worry about how I'm actually going to make it work when they come. Wyatt has told me I have to limit my "stressed out sighs" to a maximum of 5 per day. He also says I should stop believing that every person I have contact with is on a personal mission to ruin my life.

Still seeing two doctors every two weeks.

Babies are measuring right on track, about 1 pound 10 ounces each. (yay!)

Movements from the babes are happening throughout the entire day, but between 10-12pm they begin their dance party, and from the outside my belly looks like it's popping it's own bag of Redenbacher's.

Contractions are happening several times each day, but no more than four an hour, which I've been told is okay. I've also been told to take it really easy. No working (what is that?), lifting Tate, vacuuming, or hauling laundry. This is where I would normally say "sorry Wy", but he's already been doing the vacuuming and laundry for the past month because he's just a gem like that.

Had a slight scare last week when the doc told me my cervix was already thinning. But after a double and triple check she reassured me it was still okay. I go for a follow up this Friday, let's pray that cervix of mine has stayed put.

For twins, at 28 weeks there is a 90% chance of survival and little complications of both babies. 34 weeks is the real target though. Twins who make it that far, almost always do perfectly fine. 

Still no baby names picked out. Tate has come up with some good ones though...
Hog and Hoggin.

Maddie, and sweet friends- you can stop lying to me about not showing. I'm large and in charge now.


  1. you look absolutely beautiful! :) i will pray you feel good throughout this time.

  2. What names are you thinking? I vote Charles, I'm still happy with it.

  3. Chelsea, you look absolutely beautiful! It sounds like little miss Tate is embracing becoming a big sis' to two little boys. Glad to hear you're doing and feeling well. You and the two little ones you're growing are still in my prayers for good health.

  4. You look as beautiful as ever. I'm so glad things are going well minus the discomforts (boo) and hope that these little guys will stay put for several more weeks. Can't wait for you to come back! xoxo

  5. ok ok ok you are showing BUT i feel like ive seen woman at 26 weeks with ONE look just like you (or bigger). you look fabulous.

    i completely understand the anxiety. i am sure it's a mix of excitement and like 'what? two? and boys?' -- talk to people about it. lots. i think that will help.

    i was not told not to vacuum or do laundry... too bad. THOUGH i dont think steve would actually pick up the slack if i were told that. hmm...

  6. you look adorable!!!! i have outfit envy. : ) you're going to do great mama. you have anxiety because you're a super mom. all your super mom instincts will kick in when you all of a sudden have 3 kids! and tate - well, she's going to help out so much with hog and hoggin and it sounds like you can count a whole lot on wyatt too! lucky girl....

  7. oh! you're GLOWING!! =)

    No, you seriously look fantastic. FANTASTIC. I can't believe you're actually carrying twins. You look way too good. And on the HOME STRETCH! I am so excited for these two little men. They are going to be so perfectly adorable.

    Keep up the good work- you're doing great Momma.

  8. Oh I like this post! You look great. Stressed, I'm sure--but once they get here, I bet your motherly instinct will just kick right in!

  9. How cute are you!! I love that Wyatt has limited your sighing:) You seriously look fabulous, I can't wait to see you here soon.

  10. You look great. Glad everything is going well, love the updates :)

  11. There is no way there are twins in there!! You look so good! I think that's what I looked like at 20 weeks with just 1!!! Haha. Good luck! Can't wait to hear your name choices!

  12. you are lookin good- i am praying for your cervix and both Hog and HOGGINS- :)

  13. Umh Chelsea... I hope if I ever have twins... i look as darling fashionable as you!!!!!! Hang in there!!!!

  14. Love that baby hump! Who looks like that with twins... you look amazing my friend!

    p.s. get home. faster. thanks. love ya.

  15. Hi Chelsea- I am Hannah Watkins Collett's sister. I had twin boys 2 years ago on Tuesday. Reading this post made me remember how hard it is to be pregnant with twins! Hang in there. You look FANTASTIC and they will be great. I had mine at 32 weeks and they are fine now. If you ever need to chat to someone with twin boys I would be happy to chat. It is crazy but also soooo amazing! Especially the boys!:) Good luck!


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