A room for the boys

posted on: 3.03.2011

My plan for the twins room. The idea is white and neutrals with pops of bright orange, citrus yellow, green, and blues. I plan to get these plain white bumpers. Simple, and I love that.
So what needs to happen to get this accomplished?
Sell Tate's old crib, purchase two new Jenny Lind ones, which price should be the same as Tate's single.
Reupholster Tate's yellow rocker in white cotton twill with lime piping.
Purchase artwork... all from etsy
Dream pillow... etsy
village blocks... etsy
Knitted pouf.... etsy again
Striped rug... dwell studio

I hate the idea of decorating a room all at once, because a lot of times it feels and looks impersonal. But, most of these items are things I have had bookmarked and loved for sometime now. This room makes me happy.
I think it feels like the perfect room for my two little boys.


  1. chels, i still haven't found a crib for evie's room. let me know when you decide to sell tate's. i don't know what hers looks like, but i know you have great taste, so i will definitely want you to at least let me know. xo.

  2. I love the colors! That rug is so perfect!

  3. looove it, love that rug... it is simple and clean and perfect.

    i think the jenny lind cribs are perfect!

  4. love, love, love it!!! As always, your amazing style inspires me!

  5. Why didn't I have you design my 12 foot space for Graham? Just like everything you do, it sounds fabulous.

  6. Wow- I love how your style is so fresh and chic! Your nursery is going to be a dream! :)
    p.s. Your pictures of Tate are so adorable. I can't wait to see two little Wyatts! :)
    p.s.s. Seriously- you went from drastically hot to drastically cold. What do you prefer?

  7. So cute Chels! Love it! They are going to love it!
    On a side note, did you know they banned the drop side cribs?

  8. chelsea! i'm so happy you found me.
    your little tate could not be cuter, and you look great--
    i can't believe you're having twin boys... crazy. boys are almost as much fun to dress as girls.. almost.
    and... if you ever want to sell any of tate's clothes, i would be a buyer. looks like she's the best dress little girl.. just like her mom

  9. Love it! Looks very very cute, you seriously have the best taste. I'm so excited for you and Wy and twins, and for Tate to be a big sis. She'll be so cute. Do you have any favorite etsy stores you'd mind emailing me? I get so overwhelmed in it and you always seem to find the cutest things :) Hope you're not too cold over there! Lots of love.
    PS- Dave says hi too

  10. That giraffe lamp is one of my favorites! And I love the punch of color with the rug...looks like another "magical" room on the way:)

  11. I love it Chels. Amazing as always. You and Tate are looking adorable and I love the belly pic of you. You look awesome. Still can't believe you have two inside. Can't wait to see these little guys.

  12. Perfection!! I knew you wouldn't disappoint. I'm tellin you... you need to start a business. Trust.

    p.s. cannot wait for all your buns to get here!
    Love and miss you!!

  13. a dream! everything about this is perfect. i need your help.


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