"My Boobies Runned out of Power"

posted on: 3.28.2011

That is the hysterical, and best description Tate could give me about how tired she was after her soccer game this weekend. Her boobies had runned out of power, she said. I understood. She ran hard, and fought the whole time to keep the ball (a little competitive she is) for the entire 30 minutes. She scored 2 goals.
So when she came off the court, hands cupped over those little boobies (probably feeling her lungs expanding rapidly and thinking the feeling was coming from her chest), she was sure it was her boobies. All out of power.

She's on the Hurricane's. The mean green soccer team, and she loves it.

ps- I need a better camera that can capture these action shots, don't I?


  1. will she be offended if i start using that line!? best description ever. so excited to see you guys soon :)

  2. soooooo cute that tate.

  3. that's hilarious. love it.

  4. kids say the best stuff. ever.
    and sadly, i know this feeling as well. =D

  5. If I had a dollar for everytime that happened to me...all part of growing up. Hilarious!

  6. well i'd say you still did a pretty good job chels. it's so obvious she's the star of the team - the other kids look like they are walking behind her. i love her competitive spirit and of course her expression - the title of your post. she's so funny!

  7. I have a feeling that you'll be saying the same thing every three or four hours when the twins come...

  8. How cute are Tate and Avery rekindling their love of soccer together? Just to think it all started here on the rock.


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