Making me happy: Red

posted on: 3.22.2011

I loved seeing "Red Rocks!" on the j.crew homepage this week. Red just happens to be my favorite color. Although, if you peeked into my closet (or my home) you'd never guess. Maybe that's why I was so pumped to see these modern red pieces popping up on the j.crew site. Red has been missing for a while in fashion, don't you think? I mean, it's a classic of course. It's always had it's place- a red lip, a red evening gown. But, for everyday wear it's been hard to find I think. I know I can find something neutral, pastel, or nautical when I walk into j.crew, but red... I can't remember the last time.

It's about time. I'm kicking off more red in my wardrobe with that fab linen skirt.


  1. That striped swimsuit is SO pretty ! I wish we had JCrew in France :(

  2. red is my fav color, especially for clothing. love that dress!

  3. I am with you. Bring on the red. I recently went to Sephoria to try and find "my" red lip and the girl pulled out coral. on me. Nope. I knew she had to be kidding with that.


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