Green with love

posted on: 3.07.2011

I'm totally addicted to these green smoothies. Lately, they've been my breakfast of choice.
I never thought I'd choose anything with spinach and carrots over cereal, or french toast, but it's true.
I'm in love with green.
My favorite recipe is:

An Orange, cut into fourths
A Banana
5 or 6 Strawberries
A cup or handful of frozen peaches (or fresh peaches + cup of ice)
Large handful of spinach
Small handful of carrots (about 5 mini carrots)
1/2 C. water (substitute with coconut juice, almond milk, vanilla greek yogurt too)

The key to getting these smooth and perfect is a good blender. Wyatt completely surprised me for Christmas and got me my coveted Blendtec (my favorite Christmas present to this day), and it gets used daily at least.

*I usually add a Tbs. of coconut oil and/or flaxseed as well.
*Improvise too with what ever fruit you have- sometimes I add grapes, or kale/parsley instead of spinach (although the "veggie" flavor is stronger with kale). If you like berries more than tropical fruit add those. You really can't go wrong.

Drink up!


  1. You are too cute. My mom is obsessed with her blendtec, she has a green drink every morning too! Can't wait to get back to the states where baby spinach and fresh fruit are easy to come by.

  2. so yummy! i made one daily too! try adding a handful of almonds. :)

  3. I love that you took a picture of yourself drinking your smoothie...whatever eats up your time in snowie Saginaw!

  4. My in-laws just got a blendtec and I'm in awe! I want one so badly so I can make these delicious smoothies. Congrats on being so healthy.

  5. Mmmm... that looks really good!
    I need a new blender. Usually I just use the food processor I have but maybe I will need to look into the blendtec. I would like to eat more smoothies!!

  6. i can't begin my day without one of these now! so so good. thanks for sharing! :)

  7. yes chels! we eat a green smoothie a day at our house. the best. oh yes and isn't the midwest just lovely ;)

  8. we have been drinking green smoothies for breakfast for almost a year now. it was the best change i've ever made to my diet! i can't wait to get a blendtec. nice job wyatt! : ) love that last shot of you. you are so cute!

  9. Thanks for the recipe ideas! I have been obsessed with the green smoothie too. I have been doing the following:

    1/2 cup orange juice
    1/2 cup water
    4 cups spinach
    1 banana
    1 tbsp flax oil

    I swear my skin has improved!

  10. a) your hair looks awesome b) we have the vitamix (blendtec's rival) and use it all the time too... i had a green smoothie this morning! c) further evidence we need to be friends d) i think thats it. oh wait, no. i need to try coconut oil in mine. can you taste it?

  11. I need to try this asap :-) Thanks for posting your ingredients!


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