A cinderella story: about shoes

posted on: 3.11.2011

From drab to fab
Old Navy Hack
Crewcuts knockoff
What ever you'd like to call it... I am blogging my own DIY.
Now, let me preface this by stating, I'm not always the biggest fan of DIY projects. I think there is a place for them, and I also think it's gone way overboard. I generally prefer to just support the artist/store/creator (and am also super lazy) and just buy it.

But these. Well, I couldn't afford them, and I reeeeaallly wanted them (that's not an uncommon thing for me seeing as how Wyatt and I are both blissfully unemployed). The reason these are different, and the reason for my sudden motivation to take matters into my own hands is simple. It was simple.

An $8 pair of Old Navy flats. 1.5 yards of grosgrain ribbon. Hot glue gun. 30 minutes.

the inspiration: $55 crewcuts grosgrain flat

My $9.50 version
Way cuter than the plain navy flats before ribbon + Tate thinks I'm super awesome because I put stripes on her shoes + Wyatt loves me for saving him $50.
I don't have step by step pictures of the "process" because, well... I'm just not that organized, and because the process was really only two steps. Measure and cut ribbon to fit, hot glue onto shoes. Done.

While I'm on this J.Crew/ Old Navy comparison raid.... here are some other look-a-likes that might save you a penny.

Top shoes: Bensimon tennis shoe from J.Crew (kids)
Bottom shoes: Old Navy (adults)

My little sis has the fancy metallic Sperry's on the left (and I think she'd appreciate me mentioning she had them before J.crew decided to carry them). I've always loved them + couldn't afford them.
I snatched up this look-a-like from Old Navy last week and am thoroughly pleased with how they look.
(Old Navy also has some cute boat shoes for kids)

Am I an official blogger now that I've posted about my own DIY?


  1. Wow! First, the green HEALTHY shakes and now a cost cutting DIY...who are you???

  2. I saw those metallic flats at Old Navy yesterday and put them on my mental wish list. Love them! And Tate's shoes turned out darling! Good work crafty lady!

  3. My mom has the metallic sperry's...glad we are the same size! I love that Target is constantly knocking off the more expensive trends. Someday it will annoy me, but at this time in my life, its appreciated!

  4. So cute...I may just have to copy ya! I am obsessed with Sperry's luckily they carry them at Nordstrom rack (only in the mens though...ha ha ha!)

  5. love your DIY & comment by 'Dad'! =)

    AND want to mention i too got my metallic sperry's for 20$ on sale way before j.crew got on board! haha

  6. it is official, chelsea. now you just need a little linksy to DIY on your sidebar and BAM

    not sure what happens on bam.

  7. and nicely done, by the way.

  8. So many cute shoes!



  9. i came across your blog, and i think your family and your creations are SO cute. :)


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