Celebrating in Ann Arbor + giveaway

posted on: 3.14.2011

Saturday was a wonderful day! Our dear friends Liz and Ben invited us down to their neck of the woods, Ann Arbor, to sight see and celebrate Ben's upcoming birthday. Last year we celebrated his birthday eating Chinese at Tulips on a Caribbean island. Chinese food, at a place called Tulips, on a Caribbean island? Random, I know.  This year though, wasn't. It was a blast, as we started the day off right with a delicious lunch at Zola's in the heart of Ann Arbor.

Liz grew up near Ann Arbor and knew it like the back of her hand. Let me tell you, that town has charm. So many wonderful little places to eat, shop, peruse. 

Hollanders was heaven. Imagine every kind and color and style of wrapping paper, letterpress card, stationary set all in one store. I started having contractions in here I was so giddy. Pretty stores are just so good.

Also sending me into pre labor was Elephant Ears, one of the neatest baby stores I've ever seen. There are a lot of cool products that have come out since I had Tate (I feel out of the loop already!)
Tate is all about having a twin stroller now. Of course.

A large chocolate cake and apple tart was shared for Bens birthday, and was the perfect pick me up after a long day on our feet. You'd think of day of walking around, eating and shopping would be miserable for Tate. Nope. She kept asking to go walking around the city more! It doesn't hurt that she absolutely adores both Liz & Ben and I think really misses them.

To end the day, Liz took us on a driving tour of the amazing U of M campus. It was unbelievable and I can't believe the building's these kids get to live in. The one above is just one of the beautiful student dorm buildings. I pretty much felt like I was driving through Hogwarts.

Can you see where we are in this one? My mom and dad will know right away. YES! There is a Five Guys on campus and when we drove by it I about pooped my pants with excitement. I have been craving a good burger + fries since we've been here.
Liz and Ben will be confused about this because when we left them, we were on our way home. Then we had to stop at Wendy's so that I could pee (for the 50th time), and while in there we decided we better not leave Ann Arbor without having ourselves a burger from Five Guys.
So we headed back down to campus and indulged!

It was such a wonderful weekend. Since Wyatt's been in medical school, we rarely get to spend this much time together. I forget sometimes, how much fun we all have together.
Thanks again Liz and Ben!!

* Also, don't miss out on visiting Bridget's blog (one of my faves, and if you're not reading it you're missing out) for a great tatertot giveaway- open through Thursday!


  1. What a great day for you! Good friends, good food, good shopping and Five Guys!! Love the blog you linked to.

  2. Hope you get to stay in Michigan long enough to visit a few more places like Saugatuck, and Traverse City (on Lake Michigan) and Mackinac Island (not possible until late spring). Despite its' economic problems, Michigan has some of the most beautiful natural resources (along with being frugal, or cost effective or whatever) when contrasted with the very expensive east and west coasts.

    Plus, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan is spectacular, especially in July - September.

    I attended both Michigan State University (East Lansing) and U of M (Ann Arbor). Subsequently, I became a corporate recruiter and visited perhaps 50-60 U.S.college campuses (campi???) and can attest that these 2 Michigan colleges are in the top 10 of spectacular settings.

    In any event, your rotation will probably cause you to leave Michigan soon.... but consider returning in better weather for more interesting experiences.

    Wish we were back there

  3. who knew that ann arbor was so heavenly? pat has always said that but i never believed her considering detroit is or was the murder capital or something like that. that paper store and baby store? fabulous. i could die. glad that you got some good food too! you guys look great. oh and when are you going to start showing for crying out loud? you are thin.

  4. too many thoughts.....ann arbor looks like a dream! would love to visit it one day. i always dreamed of living on campus in a beautiful traditional building. how lucky are those students?! your hair looks amazing! tate's little jacket?! in love. those shops!! what a fun day! could go on and on.

  5. oh it looks like a lot of fun. :) i think i need a little trip too.

  6. LOVE reading your blog! And found a few links that you may love to check out!
    The first is a blog from a mom with twins!

    And this I saw the other day while working (I'm a nanny) and just thought it was the coolest thing I had ever seen (it's called the weego):

    Hope this helps! From one blogger to another!


  7. what a great day for you all! i've heard of ann arbor's charm before. i too would have loved that baby shop and the paper goods too.. that is a great picture of you and tate. you are both so pretty and i can see tate looks a lot like both of you. on an aside note - one of my new island girlfriends knows you through her brother i think? do you know the name jackie rouff? isn't that amazing? such a small world.

  8. oh I love that city -- actually I love Michigan! I have wonderful memories of it, in spite of the
    "murder capital" thing. Glad Wyatt got a break and you had a wonderful day.

  9. just found this blog through a giveaway on tales of me and the husband! I love your shop and your cute blog! Nice to "meet" you! Come on over and "meet" me www.myriahmae.blogspot.com!


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