Captured: Drawing in her drawers

posted on: 3.23.2011

Tate drawing "big heads" in her bikini the other day.
 She's into drawing lately, especially portraits of people. With each new one she adds more detail. It started out simple- just eyes, nose and mouth. Now she's getting creative and some people wear hats, have either spikey or curly hair. The best yet... severe wrinkles around the mouth, (I'm hitting myself for not taking a picture of that one!).

This is a portrait of me and Wyatt. He drew his own for her, and she drew me.
Let me explain, starting at the top of that cute dancing hotdog:
 My eyes and nose at the very top. That's my open mouth in the center, and my ears are the circles off the side of my body. My arms stick out just below my mouth, and the two lower circles side by side just below my mouth are the twin boys in my belly. What looks like it could be something very mysterious in between my legs is just my belly button. Phew! No worries, she's not that good yet. Then my stick legs shoot out the bottom. The floating circle above my ear on the left is a pinecone.. falling on me.
I can't bring myself to let her erase it. It's too funny.

She's also made several portraits of what she thinks the twins are going to look like.
These two are her favorites, because they have spikey hair, and are wearing top hats. No, those aren't rainbows over their heads. Those are the top hats.

If you ask really nice, maybe she'll draw a portrait of you? It'll be like Christmas morning seeing what details she chooses to include. And by the way, I'll make sure she leaves out any severe mouth wrinkles. Not that you'd have any.


  1. So, so cute. :) I laughed out loud about the "thing" between your leg. :) I spent a summer in Honduras once and a little girl drew a picture of me and brought it to me... at the top my hair was colored with a brown marker, then about an inch down it was colored with a yellow marker. :) Needless to say, I scheduled an appointment to get my hair highlighted asap when I got back. :)

    PS- Your pictures are always so well done! Do you use any type of photoshop or photo-editing??

  2. Love the pinecone falling on your head! And, is it wierd that I wish they made her bathing suit in adult sizes?!

  3. Please tell me you have plans to frame those twins and hang them over their cribs. Too cute!

  4. Dear Tate, my birthday is in a couple weeks. I think I need a self portrait. Maybe after the baby comes and I don't look like a watermelon. I promise I will spike Shane's hair for you whenever you want.

  5. Oh my gosh....I am laughing out loud right now at the description of you!!! She is too cute! Don't you love what kids come up with? Love it!

  6. I love this! She is so cute. Londyn drew a picture of me last night and if you crossed your eyes and looked real hard you maybe could find the shape of a head in all her scribbles!!! After reading this I thought I can't wait for her to really make out a person on paper, then...I scrolled down your blog and read your post in Tate not being a baby anymore...thanks for leaving me in tears. They really do grow up too fast. I worry every day that I will not remember how amazing this time is with my girls and that "time" is running too fast. Also sorry this is super long but you look adorable. Your pregnant belly with your red striped shirt is killing me. You make me want to be pregnant again!

  7. OMG, seriously just snorted laughing so hard! Thank god you took a photo of the self portrait. Love and miss you guys.

  8. Watch out for falling pine cones!

    Your play-by-play is so funny :)

  9. So funny. I love that you are hotdog shaped. Pretty please draw a picture of me Tate. I'll even give you a dollar for it.

  10. oh but i do! she'll never get to draw my picture ever... what great captures chelsea! the one of her peeking behind the easel and your story to go with it are so sweet! she's adorable.

  11. so so so cute.

    and i love her bikini. and your indoor teepee. i want one of them in the worst way.


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