Boy these are cute

posted on: 3.25.2011

I'll be frank. Shopping for baby girls is really fun. Shopping for baby boys is, fun.
The FUN part of it started out a little slow for me, as I was completely clueless where to look, or what my "boy style" even was. Thanks to some lengthy, and much appreciated emails from friends with serious style I think it's finally coming together, and this recent etsy purchase has just about put me over the moon with excitement. Almost as much as those little bubbles for baby girls do. Almost.
Three immaculately hand embroidered onesies. One elephant with bird friend, one tree, and one plump hippo, on the softest organic cotton you've ever felt... for a really cool price too. I love these, and the shop owner Jodi could not have been sweeter, making it my favorite purchase for the babes thus far.
I know, I know. I'm dramatic. But these kinds of things excite me.

Also reneging my "boys clothes are totally lame" thoughts are these two. 
Zig Zag romper, here. (found via, Elizabeth)
Sailboat onesie, here.

I should have known Boden would pull through, as they always do.
Isn't this blanket so fun?

Any favorite baby etsy shops, or boy brands I probably don't know about... do tell!


  1. i was going to say boden for sure and that there is always petit bateau. have you heard of the brand sckoon? we shop mostly at american apparel now for ez. we keep it real simple. boy, i can't wait to have a girl!

  2. Anushka- yes, I love Sckoon! I've got a couple things from there for the boys and they're darling. Petite Bateau is always a favorite too... when I can get it on sale:)

  3. just warning you, you will die.

    50 best baby etsy shops. diiiiie i tell you. i just favorited like 90% of them. steve is picking up a second job as we speak.

    and i got some great american apparel stuff this week on giltgroupe and then of course there's zulily. and kickypants makes themost ridiculously soft onesies. annnnd that boden blanket is awesome.

  4. elizabeth at e-tells-tales told me about it. got give credit where credits due.

  5. LOVE you Bridget- thanks for keeping me in the know:) Going there right now.... bye


    This is a good shop, they made me two onesie's one with a guitar and one with a big bird that said I am a big sister and then a small bird following behind.

    Super Cute.


  7. I see Bridget let you in on the evil compilation of Etsy shops...I call it evil because I literally wasted my life on it this week.

    Those embroidered onesies have my name (or bub's name) written all over them. And we have that blanket on our registry. Great minds!

  8. What great finds. You could be a personal shopper. I'd hire you in a heart beat to outfit my little one.

  9. First things first, these kids are set in the cute clothes dept. Secondly, I would kill for a tush like tate's, cutest bikini ever. And lastly, you look so beautiful!!! No BS, {you know my brain only works in brutally honest mode}. You look so smokin' hot that it's kinda ridiculous. I'm glad you're taking it easy-ish because we gotta let those babies cook for a while still. This post totally made me want a boy, and when I finally get one you'll be the first person I call. Yay for baby boys!


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