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posted on: 3.15.2011

Mark your calendars (and start saving now) for Outstanding in the Field. It's on my life list of things I have to experience before I die. I first heard about it last year, and I've been subscribing to their email updates so I would always be in the know of where they were headed next. Essentially, it's a gourmet traveling food bus.

The list is out people, and March 20th is the date tickets go on sale. This summer, you're lucky if you live in Utah because they'll be coming to Eden on Sunday July 17th. Read about the cool farm location, and the chef (from local favorite Pago) here. Tickets are pricey, to say the least, but if you're a foodie and can appreciate the awesomeness of it all, I think it would be worth it.

If you don't live in Utah, no worries. They travel all summer long and here's a list of where else they'll be stopping + serving.

Can you imagine how neat it would be to have a sunset dinner in the summer, prepared by a gourmet chef, eating all locally grown food, in one of these beautiful settings? I know. I love it too that you're eating with a bunch of strangers... at first.

Has anyone ever done this?

I hear they sell out very fast, so remember March 20th is the day to be online.


  1. Chelsea, this sounds amazing! I have never heard of this, but how fun! They're even coming to MY city - Flower Mound, TX in October! Thanks for sharing!

  2. i've never seen anything like this! very cool.

  3. oh my goodness... this is breathtaking. My sister is getting married in the fall... outside in an apple orchard. and this is gorgeous inspiration!

  4. They're going to be in Alabama...can't believe it. Marking it down. We have a restaurant that does this...chefs only use locally grown ingredients. I love it.

  5. i have never heard of this. what a neat idea.

  6. I love the idea of eating at a massive table in a field with strangers...definitely looking into tickets for DC.


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