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posted on: 2.15.2011

 Two of my favorite's for kids are on sale today on Gilt Groupe. 
 If you're still not a member of this cool site, click here and sign up (it's free)!
It's basically a gold mine. Especially for kids products I think.

You remember Tate's Dump Truck story, right? Green Toys is the brand of that coveted toy, and frankly they're all adorable and very well made. 

I've been waiting to see this sale on here, hooray! ShiShu Baby Bamboo blankets are soooo dreamy, and I plan on picking up one (or two:) for the babes. Seriously, you will not find a neater blanket.

Sales start at 12pm ET


  1. Darling. Oh, if money could just grow on the trees that we save with the Green Toys and the Bamboo Blankets...;)

  2. What?? You've moved on from Tate's blanket brand? These are things that grandmas should know...I'm just saying:)

  3. No, no mom. I still LOVE the barefoot dreams blanket. I'll probably get those as their blankets, but these are too neat to pass up too:) They would make a great gift from a grandma though... don't you think?


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