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posted on: 2.10.2011

She's the perfect sister for boys...

Because she's not afraid to wear construction vests, safety goggles, and hard hats when driving cars.

"Yea-ah, and boo-yah" are terms we are too frequently hearing.

Because everything is a race to see who's faster. She'll have the new babes sprinting at 12mo.

Because I will be able to re-use more of her clothes for them than I thought.
Because when we go through the Mcdonald's drive through (alright, we do) she makes me tell them her Happy Meal is for a boy, so that she can get a truck toy. I'm hoping she'll be ready to part with her extensive car collection by the time they're of age to play with them. Wishful thinking?

Every night before dinner, instead of blessing the food, she blesses for the babies to be healthy & happy.

She makes up great jokes:) Like this one...
"What is a duck on a fence and by a truck?"

"A fence duck!!!"

So far at preschool, she's told me about 5 of her friends.
Jake ("who is sooooo cool"), Jacob, Sam, Hazen, and Joey.
I've yet to hear anything about any of the girls.

This little cutie knows boys.
She knows what boys like, she knows what's cool for boys to wear, she knows how to race, and tell weird jokes, and jump off furniture that's too big for her, and how to make truck noises and say things like boo-yah while raising her hands over her head.

So it doesn't matter that I'm clueless. She's not.
We're golden.


  1. i love that she tells them the happy meal is for a boy. that tate is one cool chick.

  2. This is all too familiar.. . even down to the "boy" Happy Meal. Been there. And I think it took Avie 2 days to learn the names of all the boys in her class and she might just have learned all of the girls. Two peas in a pod. I seriously think there is something to the fact that girls who ADORE their daddys also ADORE boys and everything that comes with them. So guess we'll just keep making Spiderman cakes and reading Monster Truck books.

    Love that girl.


  3. Cool girl you got there. Milo asks for the girl happy meal... (just kidding:)

  4. i miss that little boy/girl! those pictures make my heart hurt for her. she is so funny. hope all is well with you guys!

  5. Chels I'm so excited for you, Wyatt, Tate, and your "blue X 2". Tate is going to be a great with those boys and they are going to be so proud to have Tate as a big sis. Miss you, but love keeping up with you through your blog. Keep the posts coming :)

  6. Chelsea this is GREAT news! So excited for you and I know Tate's the absolute perfect big sister for twin boys! You will have such a beautiful family!

  7. Oh, that totally made me tear up. What an amazing little cookie! Miss her, and you!

  8. Love it...she is going to be the best big sister:)

  9. You are so great at capturing the joy, quirkiness and all around perfectness that is Taters! It made me miss her even more!! We could use a little booyah around here:)

  10. Aww what a great post. Declan and Tate sure did have fun together :) you will have the the sweetest little boys


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