Seeing blue x2

posted on: 2.07.2011

Two little BOYS are what the doc saw!
I was amazed. For some reason I never pictured boys in my life. 
Wyatt apparently has always pictured twin boys in his life, like really pictured them... something he failed to mention to me until now. 
But we're both oh- so thrilled!

If there is anyone who deserves two little boys to raise, it's Wy.
He grew up with 6 sisters. Give the guy a hand.

Tate, as you can imagine, thinks she's the luckiest girl ever, and responded to the news with an ultra-dramatic "ohhh, I've always wanted brothers!"
For her 4 long years of life, she's always wanted brothers, apparently.
She talks daily about how she'll "totally show them about trucks and cars and cool stuff".
I'm worried when they come, I'll have 3 little boys running around.

 Well, I'm feeling a bit clueless about the whole boy thing to be honest. Not like Tate is super girly or anything, but she's also not your typical rambunctious little boy either.
Little boys get that rap, don't they?
 I'm hoping some of Tate's sweetness, calmness, cleanliness, and over-all perfectness will rub off on them too:) I'm not the best at dealing with loud noises and messes. 

Shoot. I'm really in for it, aren't I?

18 weeks.
(I'm now 21 weeks, but don't expect a weekly picture:)


  1. whoo hoo!!! welcome to my world. boys are legit. it's going to be awesome. and messy.


  2. unless you get little boys who aren't messy. mine are clever and fast and into everything, but fairly clean! :) but I don't think you'll get a pass on noisy- especially with 2 together.

    have you watched the American Idol auditions? at the end of the first audition day there was a boy (maybe my favorite)- the last to try out- who was a twin. seeing them together & with their mom was awesome (teary). watch that and then I bet you'll feel ready.

  3. CONGRATS CHELSEA :) Boys are the best! Good luck! ps you look great!

  4. You a-r-e totally in for it :) But it will also be the most wonderful thing ever. I am so excited for you. Glad you are feeling well.

  5. Congrats! Boys are awesome. You'll be a great mommy to a dose of double trouble!

  6. I'm so happy for you! hummm 2 little boys what a world of wonder and FUN it will be.

  7. You're right, Wyatt does deserve this!! I feel the same way about having a boy...we'll all have to learn together. What fun these cousins will have! Too bad Graham doesn't have a little Tate to teach him how to be cool. I think about you often! I hope you're doing well!!

  8. First, you look incredible. Second, I swear you live my dream life! Cap has twin little brothers and they are the cutest, sweetest, smartest guys ever. This is going to be awesome.

  9. Have I told you how crazy it is that you are having twins! You are my 4th friend to have twins this year. CRAZY! Something is in the water....let's hope I don't catch it. ;) Congrats on the boys. I can only imagine how cute they'll be!!

  10. Very exciting! Boys are dreamy! You look great btw.

  11. Oh my gosh, I'm so jealous! That would be my dream! How exciting guys! congrats!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Awesome! Even though I totally wanted a boy, I already can't imagine how I would deal with one. Good luck with two!

  13. that is such great news! you look wonderful too. i love this self portrait, the lighting, your stance, pinky in the air, everything. in defense of boys, i have a very calm, clean, and quiet boy. i suppose this could change with adolescence, but for now i'm very happy with my boy the way he is. the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. i'm sure your boys will be the boys of yours, tate's, and wyatt's dreams. congratulations!

  14. Yay! You'll adore boys. In my limited experience they are all fun and no drama. And it's awesome that Tate is so in tune with the "cool" culture already so she can show them the ropes:) Kills me!

  15. Tytan actually is my cleaner and LOVES to clean as for the food department not clean! Tytan is independent, fast, and can climb on anything! You will have SO MUCH FUN with them though! I love having a boy. Think how less dramatic 2 boys will be over 2 girls! CONGRATS AGAIN

  16. This is so exciting! I am so happy for your family. Boys are awesome!! I hope that your keeping warm:)

  17. Can't wait for the boys to get here! you're right in saying that wyatt deserves this. finally his time to be surrounded by boys. as we all are apparently.....i'm sure i'll have a girl since i want a boy ;)

  18. Grrr...Blogger jsut erased my comment! So exciting about the little boys. Tate is the perfect sister for them. Can't wait to see them. Love the self portrait...You look darling! Your hair is so long and I'm loving it. Hope all is well.


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