Outfit crush

posted on: 2.24.2011

Okay, so I have no problem finding a piece or twenty from J.Crew that I love.
But this time it's this outfit in it's entirety that I cannot get over. I am completely obsessed with how this girl looks. The perfect color, perfect weight cardigan that would no doubt go over anything, but looks especially perfect with the striped henley under. Have I said perfect enough?
No. Perfect, casual, throw- on- anytime, chambray skirt adorned with perfect skinny lavender belt. 
Complete outfit crush. Must have once baby bump(s) are gone. 
(as I'm quite sure just as soon as the twins are out I'll look exactly like this)


  1. hehehe - you're so funny. i love j.crew too and will use their models as motivation to lose weight anytime. sigh... this is a good outfit to look forward to!

  2. i totally love it. the shorts are awesome.

  3. I'm with you! Totally adorable!


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