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posted on: 2.14.2011

Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours!
Our day is pretty relaxed... preschool Valentine party for Tate, school for Wy, errands for me.
But we do have fun plans after to make the best-ever Valentine sugar cookies, decorate & deliver to loves. We already indulged a bit this weekend too with heart shaped, red velvet pancakes! Yum.

Tate was SO excited to go to school this morning and pass out her homemade Valentine's. She thought it was hysterical what her card said:) And of course, bouncy balls are way cool, so she was sold. 
She signed the back of each one, and took them all very proudly to school.
I must say, I will look forward to doing this with her every year. It was so fun and the anticipation of passing them out has been so exciting for her.

And what kind of mom would I be without a fun sandwich, heart toothpicks, and delicious pocky for lunch? Who knew toothpicks would be such a hit. I shall use them for everything now:)

Homemade Valentine idea, found here, and it was so easy.
See our previous Valentine ideas here, and here.


  1. Love, love, love the Valentine idea!

  2. Such a great idea!! i love that smiles of hers. miss it. miss you all!! happy valentine's day.

  3. I bet her valentine's were a hit! Her outfit for the occasion also couldn't be cuter. Happy love day.

  4. Seriously, you are the cutest momma ever!! I can't wait until my babes are in preschool to do fun Valentine's... especially after seeing how darling yours are. Hope you are having a great day!

    Miss and love you to itty bitty pieces! Happy Valentine's Day to all of you!

  5. I bet Tate was the hit at her preschool...cause those bouncy ball valentines are SOOO cool:) What a cute picture of her:) Hope you had a happy valentines!Love to you all!

  6. PS- have I told you how happy I am that you're back to blogging? Makes my day!!

  7. super cute! you are a sweet mommy! i love valentine's day too... thank you for sharing your ideas! p.s. we leave here in the middle of april and will live with family for a month or two. michael takes step 1 in may and then we'll be placed either in california, michigan, new york, or london. if we are in michigan we would be in detroit. will you be near detroit? i think it would be so fun to meet one day. i'm telling you ez and tate would have so much fun together. and i bet we would too!


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