A four year interview

posted on: 2.28.2011

Hi Taters.

How are you doing today?

Are you liking Michigan so far?

Why do you think it's so cold here?
cause it snowed & it's a snowy day... every day.

What would you say is your favorite thing about living in Michigan?
i like going sledding with dad, because there is so much snow. but there aren't good sledding hills here.

So do you feel different now that you're four?
yeah! just cause i was the same, um, in dominica, so that's why i'm different.

What is the coolest thing about being four?
um.. cause i'm bigger

Are you excited to be a big sister?
yes, i love being sisters. i can show them cars and stuff. DID you just eat that last cinnamon heart mom?!

How do you think these babies got into my tummy?
i don't know? maybe they scratched your skin down and made a big hole for them to climb in. i think they taped it up though, so no one could see. it's so exciting!

What do you want to be when you grow up?
a fireman girl!

Can you tell me a funny joke?
yes. okay... What farm can stand on a duck?
watch house!! ahahahahaha. do you want to hear another one mom?
okay. what cow can stand on a house roof?
duck poop!! ahahaha. isn't that funny?

Do you have a favorite color?
pink, and blue, and red, and green, dark blue, and light blue and black. i kind of like orange.

What is your imagination Tate?
it thinks of all your friends, and gets it ready, and then see if you want to get them a toy or not. maybe just a treat though.  my imagination tells me to get them a toy.

What is your favorite thing to do with daddy?
go sledding!

What are your favorite things to eat right now?
cornbread & hot dogs. and that pancakes with the strawberries. Why are you pushing so many buttons on your compuger?

What is your favorite thing to wear?
my snow pants. they are pants & shirt attached. 
hold on, i have to go poo-poo.

and mom... when you're done doing MY questions can i tell some questions to you??? (from the bathroom)

Who is your favorite teacher at school?
Miss Mary

cause she says such nice things.

What is your favorite thing about your new school?
during group time, because today I got to pick out the letter. starts singing "what is the weather, the weather the weather... it's sunny & snowy and cloudy... oh and they have this tiny music box and they play it for all the kids and then you go on sit on like these 52 black dots... that's one black dot for each kid. And another.

Who are your friends at school?
there's one friend named danielle, and she likes girls. but i like boys. and one is named spence. 
mom, you need to water the tulips tonight so they can grow.

Do you like Tulips?
yeah, we better hurry though and plant them. i don't want them to grow in our house anymore. 
i'm done asking questions.

now i want to ask you questions.

(Tate now interviews me:)
What is your favorite color?

What is your favorite valentines's thing?
decorating valentine's boxes and hot lips candy

What is your FAAAVORITE seashells on the beach?
i really like the coral, and the small shells

What are those coral seashells about?
They're just pretty, and the coral is white, and I like white things.

But what is your favorite drink?
diet coke


What's your favorite.... um, um, food?
german oven pancakes!! for sure.

Can i have a pink convinsation heart?

What's your favorite watch mom... yours or mine?
i think yours is cooler, but mine fits me better.


What is your favorite birthday party? Mine or london's? Remember, I had a lightling mcqueen cake.
i think london's seemed really fun, but yours was my favorite because I was actually there.


What's your FAAAVVORITE flowers?


whats's your faaaaaaaaaaavorite different flower?

what's hyrangeou about?
you mean, what do they look like?
yeah, and what do they do and stuff to be cool?

i like the blue and purple ones the best, and they just look really pretty on a table i think.

What kind of blanket, when you go to bed, at night is your favorite?
my big pink blanket.

your pink blanket. alright!
um... those white candy hearts are good.

are we done now?
no, no way.
actually i'm done.

Other notable things she's told us recently are:
"Feet are really really expensive because they come from Heavenly Father in the forest. He gives us all our directions".
 and this...
"Jesus pours something in your head, like probably a little milk with water that's yellow to make your imagination. Did you know that mom & dad?"
"and for babies it's like totally empty so Jesus just puts in a tiny tiny bit".
funny gal, that Tate.

*photos by sassa art


  1. so cute - i love her jokes especially.

  2. I can just hear her:) And that whole imagination/Jesus/feet discourse...amazing!! Love the new look of the blog!

  3. absolutely precious that little Tater of yours . Love you new look of blog!

  4. This is absolutely precious and priceless. I'm totally interviewing Ethan and Henry right now. What a great thing to do every birthday.
    P.S. I wonder how many more years you'll be able to ask how babies get in tummies? The answer could get more and more dicey.

  5. this is such a neat thing- I love that you do this- I tried to get Ems to do the emotion faces that you did forever ago- it didn't go as cute. ;)

  6. She is just amazing. What a mind- I love it.

  7. how do i even begin to comment!? that was priceless. love that she likes pink! love that she said her friend from school likes girls, but she likes boys! love her thoughts on her imagination! why can't i think like a 4 year old. once again, coolest child E.V.E.R. love those pictures!


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