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posted on: 2.23.2011

Despite all the freezing weather here, we have managed to get out a bit and do some fun things in Saginaw. One of the biggest attractions here (well, sort of here) is a charming german town nearby called Frankenmuth. A couple weeks ago they held their annual Snowfest. We headed down with our island friends the Jenkins and it was snowy, german-y, and very charming!

No, we didn't see elephants at the festival, but the week after the circus came to town!
It started at 7pm, and at 6:30 we decided to drive down and try to get tickets.

We got in, and Tate was in heaven! Pretty sure it's been the highlight of her life so far.

Sledding had been long awaited for her as well. Definitely her favorite thing to do with Wy.
This is actually the only sledding hill here. Weird huh? I never thought it would be hard to find a hill.

This past weekend we headed down south to Grosse Pointe, just outside of Detroit. It had been beautiful weather, the snow melted & the sun was shining. We had ourselves the best day yet since being here!
More about that later...


  1. do i tell you every time that i just loooove tate's wardrobe? yours is pretty cute too.. :) hehe. but, that circus outfit? those boots? i want them all in my size. really glad to see you having some fun. there is fun to be found everywhere!

  2. you are a trooper. can you just move to a normal climate finally? despite the freezing temperature you always seem to have a great time! miss you all!

  3. That's so fun that the Jenkins are there too! And, how amazing are those snow sculptures? Cool!

  4. i think that looks so fun! that picture with tate and the snow people is amazing - and her outfit is freakin cute too. fun that you went to the circus! don't you feel so bad for the animals? we just went and the elephants made me want to cry. glad you guys are doing such fun things! you make anywhere look glamorous.

  5. That girls loves her some sledding!! So glad that you had a fun weekend, and I can't wait to see the "charming" homes in Gross Pointe:)

  6. What great pictures of your Saginaw adventures. Love Tate and her Daddy sledding - so cute. How are those baby boys? I forget you have a cell phone and need to call. I miss you. xo

  7. i haven't blogged in forever- but i love every post! tate is edible ;)

  8. These pics are amazing! You have such a beautiful family :-)


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