Dreaming of Warmth

posted on: 2.18.2011

It's been high 40's for the past three days here, and it's doing wonders to my mood. From the icy 10 degrees that's been the norm around here, 40 degrees feels like summer.
I'm looking through rose colored glasses and convincing myself spring is just around the corner, because it's the only way I can stay sane. That means I'll be busting out the coral lip gloss, wearing brighter colors, buying tulips every chance I get, and listening to Jack Johnson. Those things mean spring to me.

What have I learned from living through a brutal winter like Michigan's (and yes, I know it's not over)? I never, ever want to live in a cold climate place like this again. Never. It's really not good on me. I'm infinitely happier in the sun. 

Hopefully this weekend brings more warmth because we have fun plans to try a new Sushi place, possibly drive down to Ann Arbor or Gross Pointe for some exploration, and maybe even hit up the park... all of which will be so much better with a little sun:)


  1. does that mean you'll try for california when your Michigan stint is over? I vote "yes."

  2. Kelli- Cali is my number one spot for where to settle. How did you know? :) Everytime I go there I am happy, and I know it's the sun & the ocean making me feel that way!

  3. i think it would be a shock after living on dominica to embrace such a cold winter... do you think you'd rather be back on the island? is there anything good about where you are?

  4. Anushka... hahaha, no definitely would NOT rather be back on the island:) Another island, like Hawaii or Bora Bora, yes:)
    Good things about Saginaw? hmmm... lots of trees. Don't mean to sound like a negative nelly, but it's just a really powdunk town with not much going on. I'm sure when all the snow melts, it's beautiful though.

  5. Brrr. I remember dreading the winters when we lived in IL, and MI has to be even worse! And it is amazing how warmth and sunlight totally affect your mood. Boise is on average 5 degrees warmer in the winter than SLC and it makes such a difference! It's much more bearable. (We get a lot less snow too, which also helps.) Okay! So if you go to Grosse POinte be sure to ask my mom for the addresses of the 2 homes that they lived in while dad was doing his residency. They are so adorable! I loved seeing them when we took a weekend trip there once.

    Hang in there. Spring WILL come.

  6. Yay!!!... for sun...for road trips (with treats and drinks, of course!), for new places to explore and for an extra 15 degrees:) Have a great weekend! And please tell Tate that Grandpa is really excited for her to get here and spike his hair for him!

  7. I can't believe what a difference the sun makes to your mood! Aren't the weekends the best?


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