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posted on: 2.03.2011

We're here now, in Saginaw Michigan.
It's been three weeks, and we're surviving. 
So far it's been cold, gray, snowy, icy, and more gray.

The most sun we've seen in the past month was on our 4 day, 25 hour, 1,750 mile drive out here.
It was actually quite fun.
Just me and Wy for 4 days straight. That's a first in 4 years.

We started in Utah, drove through Wyoming to Nebraska, Iowa and Illinois, barely skimming Indiana and finally calling Michigan home.

We got a taste of the chilly weather we'd be experiencing in Michigan when we stopped for gas in icy Laramie, Wyoming. So cold in fact, Wyatt wore my down filled body suit to fill up:)

 The warmest our car temperature ever read was 25. The lowest was -8.

We splurged a bit and stayed the night at the Motel 6 in Sidney, Nebraska. Almost like a second honeymoon. Why you ask?
Because you can get an ATM, 24 hour store, and classy restrooms inside the trucker gas station next door.

We followed the tail end of a snow storm, so everywhere we looked, in every state, was snow.
Fields, farms, and endless snow. 
And about 40 stranded cars that had slid/crashed off the road. We were thankful to be on the tail end of that storm.

 We decided, surprisingly to us, that Iowa was the prettiest state we drove through. 

And then we arrived... in snowy Saginaw. And in 8 more weeks we'll be on to a new adventure!
(Our street as of yesterday)

Highs thus far in Saginaw:
having our own place & living together again
Fralia's, a fabulous deli that sells killer sandwich's
living near friends
everything is really no more than 10 minutes away
Tate's preschool
everyone drives fast & the speed limit is a good 10 mph more than I'm used to so I never need to speed
neat, old architecture

Lows thus far:
little to no sunshine
freezing temps & constant flurries
apartment living (10x worse in the winter)
the oddest and most confusing stop lights I've ever seen
no Whole Foods or Trader Joes
no good shopping... at all
fast food chain mecca (there are about 5 Mcdonalds within 2 miles of our place)
very little good eateries
a real ghetto


  1. oh my - just the fact that they have a sign declaring 'classy restrooms' says so much. hahaha.

  2. Okay I don't really know you but I have met you, once you hosted a wedding shower for Cassi and I was invited, she's a pal of mine from study abroad. Anyway, I check in on your blog every now and then. My husband graduated from medical school last spring and is now an intern at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. Anyway, I'm so curious about this international med school thing. Where are you going next?

  3. oh no! where will you go next? i hope not a different ghetto... you'll have tate in preschool for a couple of months and then pull her out? i don't know why i'm so reluctant to doing this. let me know how it all goes. you can reply to me by email if you have the time.

  4. What exactly constitutes a "classy restroom"? I'm sure we all want to know:)I'm glad to see that you've found several highs, but, what? No Culvers?? Just because you puke every time you go there should not necessarily bump it from the list:)

  5. all that snow!!! it's like make-believe reading your blog while i'm sitting here in Dom. Glad you made it there safe and sound.

  6. What in the world are you doing in Saginaw? And why the Caribbean? I'm curious like a cat.

    My sister lives in Midland, about a half hour from you. There are some outlets at Birch Run and you can do some crazy-but-fun antique shopping in Bay City. There is a really cute home boutique, too, but I forget the name. :(

  7. classy restrooms. that's awesome. i can't believe all the snow outside your apartment. hope you're surviving there!

  8. Your pictures are gorgeous with all that freezing snow. I hope you are doing well. Where to next? And in 8 weeks???

  9. We are formerly from Michigan (Grosse Pointe) near Detroit but now are living in Indianapolis. We still have a lakefront cottage in Tawas on Lake Huron, about 60 miles NE of Saginaw, and spend as much time we can up there, in August and September.

    It's really too bad you landed in Mid-Michigan for what is generally the worst time of the year. Be prepared for lots more gloom, cold and snow. There is much unique and natural beauty within driving distance of the Bay City-Saginaw-Midland area.....but you may miss it if you are only there for the worst winter months.

    Love your blog! I've read it cover to cover and even DH (who also is an MD) gets a kick from recalling his Med school and residency days.

    Good luck!

  10. @Chris- Thanks!! I've heard great things about Grosse Pointe. My in laws lived there while my father in law was in his residency. They said it's gorgeous. We're hoping to make a day trip down there soon to check out the neat homes:)

  11. @Heidi... Hi! I've heard about you from Cass. This international med school thing is crazy, that's for sure. Basically Wyatt did all his classes in the Caribbean, and he'll finish all his rotations here in the US. There are several different hospitals in several states that are affiliated with the school he goes to, so it's just about trying to pick one or two that we can get most of the rotations done at, so we aren't moving every 6 weeks. Right now in Michigan, he's still doing his last semester of classes. That's why we're only here for 12 weeks. Come August he'll be starting his rotations somewhere, we don't know where yet, and hopefully we can finish them all out there.

    Make any more sense? It's a crazy program, but a means to an end. He'll still be able to take the US Boards and be a US licensed MD.


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