Today you are 4

posted on: 1.20.2011

Today you are four!
Today you are hilarious
Today you are precocious but very sweet
Today you love braids and looking cool
Today you are 31 pounds and 36 inches tall
Today you are sensitive, and a pleaser
Today you are very into race cars, babies, and everything "cool"
Today you love hearing bedtime stories of when you, and we, were babies
Today you are social and playful and love your friends
Today you love snickerdoodles and the fresh beat band
Today you show love easily, are caring, and thoughtful
Today your favorite are your blue tennis shoes
Today you still have tan lines, and buff little legs
Today you have 20 teeth 
Today you are helpful
Today you really want to be a big kid
Today you like your shirts buttoned all the way to the top, like your dad
Today you are dramatic, and very expressive
Today you love playing games like Chicky boom and looking for good sledding hills
Today you really could not get any cuter
Happy Birthday sweet Tate!

xoxo, mom & dad


  1. happy birthday taters! we sure miss you!

  2. 4 years old! Wish you were here so we could celebrate with you. Have a great day!!

  3. Happy birthday sweet Tate!

  4. I've been waiting all morning for this:) What a sweet post! perfect for our Tate! Happy Birthday Tate! We love you so much and wish we could be there to give you a great big hug! Love you 99!

  5. Happy Birthday Miss Tate!! Love you!

  6. Happiest Birthday wishes to the sweet little Tate!

  7. Happy birthday Tate!!! What a sweetheart indeed, we are so happy you guys are here.

  8. what a neat way to post a b day- I can't believe she is that old- she was such a baby when we first met her- xo to all of you :)

  9. Happy birthday Miss Tate! We love you a million billion.

  10. happy birthday Tate. Miss you!!

  11. Happy Birthday Tate,so precious...I love that she has buff legs (just like her momma!) When I hear you describe Tate it reminds me so much of you...even though I guess it wasn't for another year before i met you, good old Mrs. Kanes class (ha ha ha!)

  12. Happy Birthday Tate! How fun that we share such a FABULOUS DAY!!!! Loves Lexi

  13. and TODAY, you are still the cutest little thing I have ever seen! Happy Birthday Tate!! Taedon asks about you ya know. Miss you all!


  14. i know you're all prego with twins and everything chelsea, but i miss you. get on here!


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