Christmas Wishlist: for the home

posted on: 12.02.2010

I'm thinking these would be fun to have for Christmas...

Although I think I would use it as toy storage. I like the idea of having baskets at the bottom of the stairs to take things up each night that need to go back to their home.

In love with these ladies in waiting plates.

My set fell and cracked in Dominica, and I desperately need a new (white) one. These are a must in every kitchen. 

Lion's head soup, cereal, yogurt, candy... everything bowl:)

I guess I'm liking white?


  1. I always appreciate your lists, it makes it easier for all of us. As for the lion head bowls... I'm beginning to worry about you a little. We have two sets of bowls in storage, we bought eight "must have" bowls at Anthropologie over the break, and you said you bought 6 more bowls last week. Are we starting a soup kitchen? Have all these hormones affected your memory? Hoard much?

  2. LOL Wy. You can never have too many bowls, right? Wait.... what bowls did we buy over the break? I've already forgotten. Oh no, now I remember. Those are like tiny tiny bowls for like condiments & candy and stuff. TOTALLY different babe. Okay maybe instead of the bowls you could get me a salad spinner- we need that. I also want that super cheap $800 blender to make my smoothies.

  3. I have the lion head bowls and they are my French Onion Soup bowl... love them!

  4. wy, i have that super cheap blender (vitamix) and it is worth every penny. especially for your two-in-the-tummy wife. get it.

    i really like eavesdropping in on yours and wyatt's conversations, chelsea. ok that i call him wy? yes? ok great.

  5. I agree about the lion's head bowls. I have looked at them many times at a different store where they were much more expensive and well, you know, for our family we need alot, but these are so reasonable. I just may get them for myself....(and you too, of course)

  6. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I don't know how I missed it but that is so stinking exciting. I'm sure that you are just as excited to be getting twins (not going to lie I'm way jealous...its like two for the price of one!) Anyways so excited for you guys, and congrats again!

  7. your list is simply chic and gorgeous!
    love your choices!!
    your blog is also very gorgeous!

  8. I love those baskets...and I'm with you...I think it would do perfect in a nursery!


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