Why Not?

posted on: 11.24.2010

I had the sweetest conversation with Tate this morning that made me think.... "why not have two at once, if they even have a small chance of being as sweet as Taters". I don't feel bad bragging about this, because I know she was just born this way- I'm not this sweet & she definitely didn't get it from me.

She loves to climb in bed with me in the morning and we cuddle for a bit before going downstairs. This morning as we were cuddling, talking about the snow fall, we got talking about Christmas.
She told me she wanted a Diego scooter really bad, and a watch too.
Then she said "I better just get one though". I told her it was okay to ask for more than one thing, and she replied, 
"No, I'm okay with just one thing because I want to make sure all the other children get what they want too".

Really? Please, please let my next two get some of this sweetness too.


  1. she is so so sweet...And can I just say that I am dying I am so excited that you guys are having twins...Still getting a few belly laughs over the "wait what are the two sacks again." well there you have it an instant family:) Hope to see you soon. Have Tate come and play in the snow with us today...

  2. Tate, Please play with London more so your sweetness rubs off on her....PLEASE! You are going to be the BEST big sister of twins. What lucky babies to have you to play with and look up to!

  3. ok well this post made me tear up a bit. what a sweet heart you have, trust me she most definitely get some of her sweetness from you. i am sure of it. i have sister's that are twin's and let me just tell you that twins can be such a blessing for a big sister to brag about. i always thought it was so cool that i had twins in our family. and there is no way that those babies could come from y'all and be nothing but precious,and that's a fact!

  4. She is a sweetheart. I remember one day in the CAC Shane or someone took one of the cars on the table or something and I went to offer her a different one and she said, "No, I have this one, so I'm good." And I thought, "wow, I wish all little kids were like her!"

  5. stop it. that is really so so so sweet. can she share some of that with my kiddos?

  6. tyler has said to me on several occasions, "i hope our children are as cute and sweet as tate!" man, so do i!!! love her so much. i hope your next 2 are just like her as well.

  7. That is such a sweet thing for her to say!!
    It's all in the parenting right ;)

    Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  8. I couldn't think of anyone I would rather see raise twins. They will be perfect, just like Tate!

  9. Love that Tate!! We miss her... can you come over this week?!
    And... who are you kidding... she doesn't get it from you... ya right!

  10. I'm going to beg to differ here and tell you that though she's the bees knees, this is the product of some pretty great parenting!


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