So far it's looked like this...

posted on: 11.10.2010

Being back in Utah has been fun, and busy so far. Halloween, birthdays for me, my sister, and niece, and seeing missed friends has looked something like this...

 The darling Tate, as Olivia the Pig, for (only) the night before Halloween. Of course intentions were to have her actually wear the costume I had specially ordered and had made for her, but kids aren't always on the same page. At least Tate wasn't on the same page... an hour before trick or treating was scheduled to begin.

Thus was me, frantically calling all the nearest Walmarts and Targets for the oh-so-coveted Lightning McQueen costume that Tate was in tears about. (somewhere in between the family party on Halloween Eve, and Halloween she had emphatically decided Olivia was not meant for her, and she would only be a happy trick- or -treater if she could be Lightning McQueen). Wonderful.
Thank goodness for Target for having just one left.

She was excited! And, I think it was a little tribute to all her car-obsessed friends back in Dominica:)
But seriously, how perfect was that Olivia costume?! Made with love by my dear friend Miranda. The girls got some serious sewing skills.

RIP Olivia. That was one of many, I'm sure, Halloween costume battles lost.

Trick or Treating with cousins

Spooky cool houses

Dinner + Ballet (the amazing Carmina Burana ballet) with the Horsley's for my birthday.
I just love the ballet.

Lunch date and shopping with my sis, mom & grams

Beautiful Sugarhouse park and changing leaves

The view from my car window from the freeway. Isn't the valley beautiful this time of year!
(don't hate me that I took this while driving on the freeway:)

 Playdates with friends... and BIG news on the fashion front.
Tate has now declared and will voluntarily wear dresses now. Woo-hoo!

Dinner with loved, and missed missed girlfriends. 

That's about all folks!


  1. Tate totally rocks that Lightning McQueen costume, and I got a pretty good laugh. It's a good thing Shane didn't know that costume existed!

  2. Oh Sweet Olivia the pig, and what a cute pig Tate was for just a moment. I must say that she totally rock out the Lightning McQueen! And Chels you look gorgeous. Just glowing with that little bun in the oven.

  3. it looks like you're having a wonderful time being home! i love that tate wanted to be lightning mcqueen - i'm telling you she and ezra would seriously be best buds. this was a fun post to read. happy birthday!

  4. Taking pictures while driving on the freeway huh? Thats nice. Funny, I always thought the valley looked the same when your car was in park, and coincidentally, had a markedly lower risk of dying. Lets keep those hands at ten and two shall we.

  5. honey, why did i know you would be the one to comment on my driving while multitasking? at least i'm not texting, ah? really babe, how could i have parked my car on the freeway?... it just was the ONLY way to get that shot:)

    ten and two from now on though- promise!

  6. so glad you found the mcqueen costume...she looked darling! and happy!

  7. That Olivia costume is every bit as cute as I expected it to be. I think I might have cried if my girls opted out of that cute thing. BUT. I still think you are the BEST mom for letting Tate be Tate. Cutest little Lightening McQueen around. And, let's please talk about your glowing skin. Really? I'm pregnant, but I don't glow like you - that's for sure. It's really got to be tough to be flawlessly beautiful.

    In any case - I LOVE having you home and loved chatting last night. Again soon. xoxo

  8. p.s. Jen - another great comment from Wyatt just for you.

  9. wow! that olivia costume was darling! the things mothers do to please their daughters!!! I'm not a parent, but know my mother would have do the same thing!

    Looks like a wonderful time back home!

  10. I have to agree with all the previous love Olivia the Pig, but we all know where Tate's heart lies...with Lightning McQueen!!

  11. Hi, Wyatt.. are you there? Thank you for always making me laugh! Chelsea can tell you about my appreciation for you later. ha

    Chels, the costume... fantastic! Seriously dying... over both. ;) Tate is just like you.. a true original and for that I love her even more!

    p.s. I don't see any baldies so keep it up would ya! Love our nights. Can't wait to see you again... this week!! Love it!

  12. I love both costumes- it's fun to be two things! :)


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