November in Utah

posted on: 11.22.2010

The weather thus far has been quite a roller coaster. Typical fall/winter in Utah, totally unpredictable. But fun too!

First it looked a bit like this, green grass dotted with sporadic leaves.

As fall came to an end everyone's grass looked like this

And this morning, after a 66 degree weekend, we woke up to this!
"Amazing, the snow is ginormous" said Tate, and immediately was out in it.

Believe it or not, I actually prefer the snow right now. It rings in the holidays perfectly, and after allll that heat it just feels nice.

Welcome Winter!


  1. I am so jealous!! I miss the snow so much! Its 80 in Texas- yuck!

  2. I think I understand this post- Tate is cute, she has new winter clothes which you love and she loves, oh and by the way it snowed. I like it, and I agree.

  3. you already have snow?! crazy!

  4. we totally love the snow! how long are you here I'd love to have you and miranda over for a play date maybe the week after thanksgiving? chelsealorimer@yahoo

  5. From the heat and humidity of Dominica to the cold temps and snow of Utah. What a crazy month it's been for you all. It's amazing how much you appreciate bundling up after wanting to sit in a freezer for the last year. I totally get it! Miss you guys. Tell Tate I LOVE the peacoat!

  6. And mini has that same exact dog, we have to take it to the grocery store with us every single time. Your tate and my mini, they belong together!

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. just adorable!

  8. These pics are so cute!!!! I wish we had snow, us Cali girls don't get any! Enjoy :-)


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