Moving on to Michigan

posted on: 11.11.2010

In just two short months we will be residents of Michigan. From the burning hot, to the bitter cold.
We like to keep things really interesting! 
It's got me thinking though, especially after seeing an article on yahoo about Michigan having the lowest housing rates right now (due to their awful economy), what we could buy for the same cost as our home here.
We had originally planned on only staying in Michigan for the 12 week program as scheduled (thus renting), but after seeing some of these homes, and being a home obsessed person, I'm thinking we might need to reconsider and snatch up one of these stunners while we can.

This home happens to be about half of what our Salt Lake City home is worth (and trust me we didn't pay that much for it).
 Seriously? The market is unbelievable there right now. 

There's also these in a beautiful neighborhood nearby...

 The home above happens to be listed for $169,000!! 

The one below, the smallest and cheapest (although still bigger than our current home) at ... $96,000!!

Wy... have I convinced you to stay there? What about you, Jenkins? What a dream.
Want to come be our neighbors?


  1. I'm excited you're coming to MI! Kevin has really liked their program.

  2. Are. you. kidding. me? You know I am d-y-i-n-g right now at those homes and those prices. Move into one of those and never look back. That's my advice.

    Oh and CONGRATS on Michigan! So happy that you got what you wanted!

  3. i loove the third one.
    and when i browse the real estate in the south compared to what we get for our money here in massachusetts... depressing.

  4. I want to move to Michigan now.

  5. Bridget... me too- LOVE that third one so much.

  6. when we moved to PA we decided to buy considering the housing market here (believe it or not i think it's even cheaper here). my house is 80 years old and has been totally restored! I LOVE IT! DO IT! the charm of an old home is so fun!

  7. Hi Horsley's! Wow! So fun to catch up with you guys. I can't believe your two years are up in Dominica! I can relate to some of the posts- definitely! It has been harder to adjust than I thought but things are going well here. I'm so excited that you're expecting!! Congratulations!
    p.s. These houses are amazing!

  8. Hey, I've been to Michigan and have a close friend that lived there while her husband was in dental school. She might come to dinner tonight with everyone, maybe you two can talk! Love the homes, unbelievable!

  9. Whoa... after seeing those homes and hearing those prices I think I want to move there too:-).

  10. I am so in the same mood as you apperently. My In-Loves are moving and they just bought a house for $75,000. I couldn't beleive it! As soon as I heard that I have been looking all over the country for super awesome steals! My thinking, buy one, fix up, sell for profit! Most of the monthly payments on these houses are like $300, way cheeper than renting! Fixing them up would give me something to do while Johnny is studying. Then selling could help with loan payments! Perfect plan!!!

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  12. where do i sign?! i'm so excited for you guys! can't wait to see your adorable home.

  13. Oh my goodness I might consider moving to Michigan for a home like that for that price. P.S. I am obsessed with Tate's Olivia costume, Lydia Loves Olivia and I have to say that costume was too perfect!

  14. The first one is the best and I'm not sure its really even that close. The third one is the dark horse, and maybe a better picture could bring it up in the race. The facade looks too flat and boring too me from the current view though.

  15. things like this make me hyperventilate. seriously. i look at real estate in the south all the time. like antebellum homes for $150,000. kill me now! you definitely need to do this. :)


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