What Brooke wants, Brooke gets...

posted on: 10.18.2010

My little sister Brooke wants to know what I want for my upcoming birthday- not for two more weeks, we're just early planners. She wanted a wishlist & told me to post it on here.
Consider it done, I told her. All I needed to do was transfer my "someday I want... er, need" folder that I keep handy on my computer at all times, over to my blog.

Easy peasy pie.
Cozy sweaters + neutral colors... perfect!

My shopping cart at Anthropologie is getting hefty. Is it sick that always sometimes I dream of hitting "checkout" without even a care of what the total is? Brooke, recognize these? Maybe with your discount now you can help me make that wishlist smaller?

I wouldn't mind a few more of these books to add to my collection either. I'll read them someday (maybe), but until then, won't they look sooo pretty on my shelf?

These I just added...
 (how did I forget about my jcrew cart? Shame on me:)
I just really wish I had a discount there. shoot.

There's that cloud cutting board again, making it's second appearance on the blog. Someone should really take the hint and go ahead and get that for me. Here it is.
Also wanted... Nina Invorms dotted cookie jar, here
salt + pepper shakers, here
Naomi canvas by tushtush, here
And because I really haven't given you many ideas... here's two more that I love
here, and here

I know you might all be thinking I'm being a total snob, but really Brooke will thank me for making this so easy on her:)


  1. those cozy sweaters look like just what i need- basics. just read your Tate birth story because it popped up in the 'you also might like" and holy crap, a coffee straw, that is nuts!!! what a scary ordeal, glad it turned out so happy!!!

  2. p.s. do they know why the cord was so small? never heard of that before.

  3. love it all- and does your sister work at anthro?! if so, that is one coveted position she holds!

  4. you sure do deliver! I actually haven't seen any of those sweaters...shame on me! I work tomorrow though so I will have my eye out! I was telling mom yesterday I think it is going to be harder to work there than I thought!!

  5. love the jewelry. you have such good taste.


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