Soccer in full motion

posted on: 10.14.2010

Since it's still (and always) summer here, we've now just started soccer. It's actually just a soccer camp.. you know, where she can hone in and really perfect that kick. I'm sure you could've guessed, with all her tom-boy tendencies, that she has loved it!

Her campmates... Norman, Angelique, Tate, Annabelle, Kinial, Manuella, Jonathon, and Avery.
 (this is also basically her preschool class too)
So far they have learned how to kick the ball properly, dribble the ball in the goal, and stop the ball with their foot. Each time Tate makes it into the net she searches around to find me and we exchange a big THUMBS UP!

The kids are so supportive and funny... cheering each other on!

And... this little one can sweat! She really is my child!

Check out that look of concentration:) I was not surprised when her coach, Miss Ramey, told me Tate was taking this very serious. A little competitive you think?
 I laugh because when we're done each time she wants me to pour her entire water bottle over her head... as if she just won the world cup or something. So I do, and she laughs, and then walks home soaking wet.

Are they not the cutest of friends? Don't even get me started on the thought of splitting them up...


  1. I Miss those girls so much!

  2. She is looking so big! I miss her, and wish we could come cheer her on while she plays. She also looks like she's got a steller kick going. Maybe she'll be the first soccer player of the family.

  3. so..remember when I left you the most random post about a blanket? i know i am crazy...but just so you know i am {totally} crazy, i found it! and since you were wondering (i'm sure you were!! ;) this is it!

  4. she's so cute, how do you keep from eating her?
    and that leg kick... go tate!

  5. they are so cute and I LOVE miss Tate's legs!

  6. That picture of Tate and her best little friend is the best. Two cutest faces ever.

  7. I CANNOT wait to get my arms around that little girl!! And,like Bridget, I kinda want to just eat her up!! I love that she kicks with her toes pointed...a dancer and a soccer player. And Avery...oh my gosh, she is just so adorable. She makes me laugh just looking at a good way:)

  8. They really are darling best friends. I love the one of them hugging each other, even if Avery looks like she has a lazy eye.

    Tate is so so cute. She has the cutest build, so athletic. She's gonna be a star one day.

  9. I love so many things about this post.
    first, tate playing soccer is just about the cutest thing ever!
    second, her kick, thatta girl tate!
    third, that she is playing soccer in silver sparkly converse! haha


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