The Real Horsley Home

posted on: 10.11.2010

I know my blog address is the horsley home, but the real Horsley home (ahem, the ones my in-laws reside in) is really something blog worthy. This home is too beautiful not to be noticed. Although it's more traditional than most homes I post about, it's Pat's impeccable taste, and sense of design that I love so much. This woman knows what she likes, she sticks to it, and therefore has built a home that will never go out of style. 

Take a look...

Formal living room
(and yes, Wyatt did serenade me on that piano while we dated)

Beautiful art... she has the perfect eye for it. Where to hang it, how high (or low), how to frame it, and how to light it. It's probably the highlight of her home in fact.


I love the painted stripes on the wall, it looks like wallpaper.

Family room:
 the room where she reads, and knits, and we nap, and play Wii, and watch the Bachelor, and the kids destroy and make couch forts:)
Like most homes this is where you can always find everyone. The copper pots, art over the stove, and plants in the window sill are some of my favorite details.

How fabulous, and just incredibly perfect is this cabinet full of dishware?
Absolutely my favorite thing in the entire home. 
Something else I've learned and loved about Pat is that she actually uses all her nice dishes. She doesn't wait and bring them out only for Thanksgiving. We use them for Sunday dinner, and for leftovers, and for everything. It's always a beautiful meal.

Reading nook in her bedroom

Speechless about her bathroom and that greek key marble pattern!

Library full of good books, and good art.

Reading nook at the top of the stairs. Adorable.
 I'm pretty sure those botanicals are just cut out from a letterpress calendar and then framed. A great idea!
(apologies on the awful picture/pictures)

Dru's old bedroom, and a favorite of everyone's.
 I think what Pat has done so well, and smart, is buying furniture that is really nice, that will last. She saves, and buys when she can afford what she wants. She also sticks to classic styles when buying something big, like these beds, and then accessorizes accordingly as the styles change throughout time.

I never got around to taking pictures of the other bedrooms, basement, upstairs family room, and her impeccably manicured yard. This fall maybe?

 Stay tuned.


  1. What a treat to see such a beautiful home, thanks for sharing. I am inspired!

  2. Very classic, and very cozy at the same time. Lucky!

  3. these photos are amazing! i think i take for granted often the beauty of this home. i feel honored that i get to hang out here as much as i want and that i lived here for over 5 years of my life!! pat and her impeccable taste!

  4. umm gorgeous. i LOVE the ceiling in the family room especially. and that kitchen? i'd be such a better cook with that kitchen.

  5. Pat is amazing! She should do a little side business. Who wouldn't want Pat to help decorate? This house needs to be in a magazine. Fabulous pictures, but still does not do that home justice. I love it!

  6. I love these pictures! It is fun to see your favorite spots and read your nice. Of course, I love it the most when you are all in it!!

  7. Wow, how nice! Fun to see and take notice of all the decor.

  8. Makes me want to have a home!!! I love the kitchen and the cabinet with the dishes :) I feel the same about using the "special dishes" everyday - celebrate each day for each day truly is special!


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