One Week Left

posted on: 10.19.2010

If you didn't know already, this is my last week in Dominica. For good!
Seven more days.
Seven more days of no car in unbearable and never ending heat.
Seven more days of bland repetitive dinners, and bug ridden produce.
No more, hopefully, days of walking home from the store, carrying bags of groceries, in the POURING rain like I did yesterday.
Seven more days of the IGA builders "hissing" at me and asking me if they can come home and help me shower off. Oh, what I will say to them on my last day:) 
Seven more days of paying $500 US a month just to run our electricity.
Seven more days of having the crabs scratch at our front door.
Seven more days of dodging cows on the road.
Seven more days of pushing that damn stroller up & down the road.... everywhere.
(love what's in the stroller, just not the pushing... in the heat:)
Seven more days of running out of clean drinking water as a real concern.
Seven more days of the pool... every. single. day. I know it sounds luxurious, but it gets very very old.
Seven more days of 15% tax on everything.
Seven more days of having to buy electricity & minutes for my phone at the grocery store.
Seven more days of having bug spray, anti-itch cream, and a sweat rag in my "purse" at all times.
But, this also means...
Seven more days until I have to leave all my good good  friends who I've gotten to know, love, and need.
Seven more days until Tate has to say goodbye to the first best friends she's ever had, the only school she's known, and the only teachers she's ever had, whom she completely adores.
I never expected to meet such good hearted, welcoming, and fun friends. I knew coming into this that we'd only be here a short amount of time, so I wasn't worried too much about making "lasting friendhips", but more just cool girls to hang out with. I got both, and I'm so grateful for that. 
I think that is the only thing I will miss about this place. I will miss my friends, so so much!

My last trip to Batibou Bay (my favorite beach) with friends....

Goodbye dinner with friends at Pagua Bay... the best night I've had down here!

Clockwise from top left... Megan from Minnesota, Nicole from New York, Sarah from Indiana, Meagan from Long Island, Taylor from Texas, me, Margo from Washington, Katie from Cali, Lauren from Kentucky, Emily from Indiana, and Cassi from Florida.
Sarah + me + Cassi... queens of the pool:)

Megan, Nicole, Margo and sassy Emily:)

Taylor from Texas (a true Texas belle charmer:), and Emily

My first friend at the Fortune Apartments, Meagan from Long Island. A mentor at the school, host of Glee night... and yes, a rapper- as shown in this picture:)

Giving Meagan her "beat" to rap to. Hilarious!

So I may not have "embraced" life down here like I thought I would, here, but I don't feel bad about it one bit. I didn't save any children down here, learn to love walking in the heat, or become a jungle hippie mama... but I do have a greater love for my family, for myself, an appreciation of all that I, we have, in America.... and the immeasurable gift of genuine friendship.
Even though I am definitely poorer, I am still richer. Richer with knowledge, with friendship, with appreciation and with love.
I guess I owe that much to Dominica.


  1. I think you embraced it pretty darn well! Friends do make everything better though. Good luck with the next step of Med School. Where are you guys off to?

  2. Well said... I don't think you are giving yourself enough credit; I say you for sure embraced Dominica. You were quite the trooper. Amen to never going back. I don't think I will. I'm SOOOO happy that you get to come home. Yay for America. What a wonderful place. And what darling pictures. You are so beautiful Chels! (I especially loved the comment about loving what's inside the stroller, and in my case, that might be a centipede or two since that happened to us twice, good grief)

  3. What a nice post, if I am being honest I was a little nervous at first, thinking you were going to be a total debbie downer. But that turned out to be a pretty accurate portrayal. You did it!

  4. First of all - your hair is SO long! It's gorgeous.

    I'm so happy and sad for you all at the same time. So happy you'll be back here for a few months and out of the heat and monotony and gross food . . . but so sad for goodbyes. It's amazing how having to rely on someone and share difficult experiences with them really bonds you together. What fun, darling friends you've found - and especially Tate's little friends. :( That'll be a sad day.

    Can't believe this experience is at its end. You've definitely learned a lot. I've loved being a fly on the wall for the journey.

    Love you! xoxo

  5. You couldn't have explained this place better. you speak the Truth and I love it. I must say i am sad to see you go, but very happy for you and and your sweet family to be moving on to the next step in this crazy journey."the things we do for the one we love? :)" all this will be worth it one day. I am so glad that I got to meet you, and maybe one day our paths will cross again until then I will be blog staking you.

  6. Great post Chelsea! I am so impressed with your lifestyle in Dominica. The centipede post was all I needed to see to know I couldn't have survived! Now you need to visit Cassi in CA cause we live close by and we can all get together.

    I love your style, humor, taste and blog! Just thought you should know. Yay that you are almost home! Good luck with the last 6 days.

  7. yay! that is so exciting. i bet it is going to be tought to leave such wonderful friends. hope to see you around the holidays. good luck with the move. let me know when the shop is open again. cecily is running low! xo

  8. $500 for electricity, what what?!

    and try to enjoy the last 7 days because there WILL be a day in the cold here in the states when you'll miss that beach. but the crabs? i dont think you'll miss them.

    and what is this compound of american women living in dominica? how did this happen and when can i join?

  9. Way to end on a good note! For reals--I can see why it's hard to stay, but still sounds like an unbelievable adventure.

  10. It looks like such a party down there...Your going to miss it for sure, well the people at least:) We are so excited that you are coming home though, so sorry all you Dominica people but Yay for us. Enjoy your last few days of lounging by the pool:)

  11. wow, your friend Nicole looks like Martina McBride!


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