the funny things she says

posted on: 10.06.2010

Lately, this little one has been cracking me up.
She's growing up waaaay too fast, but it seems the older she gets the funnier she gets too:)

I've been trying to write down the best of the best, and I know my family & friends will appreciate hearing this...

We had a movie night last week, and I accidentally burned part of the popcorn. Tate said "oh mom, you should practice harder to get the popcorn good. Next time try harder okay?"

"and you need to practice your letters too.... like H, and S and stuff".

The pool was a little cooler than usual, and I was trying to convince Tate to come in anyway, so I told her it was really refreshing. She gets in, closes her eyes, tips her head back and says, 

"Oh, it's so frelaxing too!"

She also says... fridiculous, and fandsome (instead of handsome:)
"oh dad, you look really fandsome this morning"

In the bath tonight she told Wyatt she was going to make him some strawberry ice cream. He asked what flavor she was having and she said "pink tylenol".

She told me last week that since she's going to be Olivia the pig for Halloween, she wants to be a tree-frog for Christmas Eve.


She's especially sweet, really really sweet when she wakes up. She says things like this from her crib, 
"Good morning daddy... well how are you today?" 

and when ever I get up with her in the morning, or get her out from her nap she tells me that she missed me while she was sleeping. Love love that.


  1. adorable. what a cute, sweet little girl you have! :)

  2. No wonder you're baby hungry. With a doll face like her, you'd want another for sure! Love that she wants to be Olivia for Halloween. No one could make it as cute as you with your artistic skills and Tate's tiny body and spunky personality.

  3. these are soooo sweet.

    "oh mom you should try harder next time" - thats my fave. and her pigtail buns.

  4. Too cute!
    You will be glad you wrote all this great stuff down. I have a special book and we look back and read it all the time!

  5. So stinking cute!! And, like her mom, she says the funniest things! Counting the days!!

  6. she is hilarious- and BEAUTIFUL- love that! :)

  7. she is beyond darling. your pictures are soo beautiful! i wish we lived close so i could pick your brain :)


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