A dreamy day

posted on: 10.22.2010

I kind of felt like this was a Bachelor date (minus the helicopter), okay and minus the awkward flirting. But, we did get a full day to ourselves last week to explore the island. We packed the day full and had such a good time. We rented a sweet Jimmy, loaded up on drinks & treats, and made our way down and up into the island to start with a ziplining/ challenge course. 

I thought going into this "piece of cake". I'm brave, and this is Dominica, so how "challenging" could they have made this course? It wasn't impossible by any means, but there were a couple challenges where I was doing some serious " c'mon chelsea, you can kick this challenge's A**" in my head. The one below in particular:) 

Every time I stepped onto one of those vertical logs it would swing out, then right, then back, then left. I looked like such a doofus on that thing & might have been cursing in my head...

It started to get real fun/ slightly more scary when it started down pouring... making all the logs, and cables super slippery.

Tight rope crossing, in the jungle, in a rain storm. I'd say that's something I'll probably never get to do again:) Bachelor style... told ya.

I had this to look forward to for the next 2 days! Apparently the gloves I wore were brand new, and since it rained, and my hands were sweaty, the finish came off onto my hands. This picture was taken after I washed them about 8 times! 

Video of Wyatt looking calm, cool & collected as usual. Me, taking forever to even trust the cord to hold me up, then smiling so big I have like 8 chins and sounding like a dork. Neither of us actually knew our guide was filming us until a couple days later when we uploaded the pictures. Otherwise, I for sure would have been totally calm, cool, and collected.

After the ziplining we drove further inland to cool off and swim in Emerald Pool. So Bachelor of us. On our way, we spotted this artists house. We didn't end up buying any art, but I thought her home was quite charming.

Stunning views of the Layou Valley.

We had the pool to ourselves, swam for a bit, then headed even further away from home to a wonderful restaurant overlooking the ocean and had our best dinner on the island to date. It was such a fun day. After dinner, we accepted the invitation given to us by Chris Harrison to stay in the fantasy suite. We thought that was so nice of Chris. What a gem.

None of this would have even been possible without the greatest friend in the world, Sarah, for watching Tate ALL day. She's a gem too:)


  1. So glad you had some away time with your man before you make your way home. Looks fun and for sure so bachelor!

  2. What a fun day!! The blue hands were a special treat:) I am so glad that you got to have one of these special "one on one dates" before you leave.

  3. hahahah fantasy suite. i chuckled.

    this looks like so much fun. i'm going to call you trista and ryan from now on (i could've picked a more recent couple but have any of them worked out since trista and ryan? and by the way, when is that goodness coming back on tv. im ready)

  4. you guys are daredevils! what a great memory and beautiful day you had together. you two are a gorgeous couple and these really could have been pictures from a t.v. show. p.s. tate must have loved looking at these pictures of her parents - am i right?

  5. I should hope you accepted Chris' offer for the fantasy suite...and I hope Wyatt brought his business socks!! Is that too much involvement for a mother-in-law? Seriously, it looks like it was a perfect day, and how great that you got the time alone before you leave!!

  6. REAlly dreamy. And well deserved. What a great memory to leave with. Can't wait to see you soon. I think I've been saying that for the past 3 months. xo

  7. Mom, yes... WAY too much for a mother to say:)

  8. i love the black hands! that looks more than dreamy. you just might, might miss it?

  9. That looks like so much fun!!! you come home so soon! speaking of the bachelor, did you hear that the guy who didn't pick anyone is the new bachelor?! I am not sure how I feel about this....

  10. That was a really fun day, thanks for planning it babe. It was exciting and fun from start to finish, except for the end when you told me you couldn't give me the rose. What did you mean when you said you had to be "honest with yourself about your feelings" and that you "don't see me that way, just more like a friend"? All I can say is you made a mistake. I was there for the right reasons and I can't say that about everyone else. I wasn't expecting to develop feelings for you that fast, but I did, and I tried to show you how I felt about you.


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