Did you know...?

posted on: 10.04.2010

That J. Crew Factory now offers shopping online?
Only on weekends though... but hooray for that!

That Anthropologie just got in their fall kids knitwear by Lia Molly? 
I just love Lia Molly, for kids especially. 

This isn't going to be all about shopping, promise.

I booked my plane ticket home?
 Like HOME, for good.
No. More. Dominica.
I will, as of October 26th, no longer be living in the Caribbean.

Will you still read this blog once I'm just a boring American mom again?
Shoot. Not quite as exciting, I'll give you that.

That when Wyatt is quiet, and in the bathroom for too long, and all I hear are giggles from Tate, he's doing this to his hair?

That he started thinking he was Bon Jovi and doing this, which made me basically pee my pants.

(he's so lucky i love him so much, and cropped out his underwear)

That once back in the states we need to buy a car ... or two,  and a bed for Tate, and cell phones, and eventually a coffee table, and a dining room table/chairs? 
I'm guessing Wyatt's having a heart attack just reading this. Breathe honey, breathe.

That last week me and Tate were literally chased down by three angry cows + one bull?
Chased. Running. Me, stroller, Tate. Sweating & cursing this place.
And after Tate made me feel like superwoman by saying,
"thanks so much for saving me mom"


Did you know the day before that, at the pool, as I reached into my stroller I was greeted by a DINNER plate-sized crab hovering over the sunblock I needed to get to? In. my. stroller.

That I'm dying for another baby?

That today is my best friend's birthday?
That same best friend I've had since the 8th grade. That same best friend who married Wyatt's best friend. And I miss her, a lot.

That I once wrote "I like it on the kitchen table" as my facebook status?
And that it had absolutely nothing to do with sex.
although? (just kidding mom and dad- gross.)

That I'm really really really excited to be coming back to America?
I'm sure you knew that one.


  1. your fb status that day will go down in history. i even told g (the facebook hater) about it & he died. we officially decided that you are the coolest.

    so glad you are coming home...back to highland park or somewhere new?

    and go ahead, have another baby, 2011 is the year!! xo.

  2. Wyatt's hair is awesome! He looks just like Keith Urban.

    I'm so happy for you and your move back to the US. (and a bit jealous...my husband and I are moving to Africa next summer and I'm already pining for the day we get to move back to the US). Your blog has been good preparation for life in a third world country.

  3. my husband is in the army and we move around a lot and are away from family, so i'm so happy for you that you get to go home!

    as for the furnishings, hopefully there will be an ikea nearby?... godsend for functional & affordable pieces. and there's always good ol' craigslist & thrift stores:)

  4. i.am.dying. wyatt's hair is killing me. he and adam really should hang out...i can't tell you how many times i have seen that same "rock it out" stance!!

  5. I never comment, but I do read your updates...

    Anyway, now that Wyatt's rockin the Bon Jovi, I think you should rock the Carrie Mulligan (sp?). I think if you've got the guts, you could totally pull off that look.

  6. this was a really great post to read - love to learn more about y your living in the Caribbean and coming back to the states - i'm gonna go through ur blog now -haha

    *kiss kiss*
    Erika @ ~TiptoeButterfly~

    LAST DAY TO ENTER GIVE-AWAY: ~TiptoeButterfly Give-Away~

  7. If you had a list of top ten posts for your blog this has got to be at the top! I mean, seriously, how funny, all of it. You make me laugh! And I will still love your blog even after you leave Dominica, because I always have. :)

  8. Did you know...


    p.s. Wyatt, your hair is freaking awesome! You and Andrew should start your own group then Chels and I will be the hot groupies and people just might think you 2 are real rock stars. ha ha

  9. I was going to say that this was definitely a Top Ten post, until I saw Wy's hair and it officially jumped to Number 1 with a bullet (that's music talk. Wyatt, I mean Bon Jovi will know what it means) Love, love, love it all...especially the Oct 26th part:) And about that facebook status...

  10. love this post.

    what do you love on the kitchen table, i'd like to know?!

    and do it! another little tate? or boytate, of course. my goodness. cutest.

  11. wyatt has better side swept bangs than I do... something is wrong with that. and the part about wanting a baby, you knew I would drop all over that one.

  12. Wy's hair made him Tate's twin- WEIRD! and back to the US- HOORAY! you did it- ah! I am soooooo happy for you :)

  13. :) i like it on the bar stool. i just won't paste it on fb status though because mine does NOT sound cool. i am going to read your blog when you move back to america because i'm excited to see what comes next for us med student wives and just from reading your blog i think you are sweet and funny and that surely we'd be friends if we met. perhaps we'll both be living in california one day and really will.
    p.s. you totally would've survived if you were on st. maarten. because you like to shop, (and i do too and at all the places you do) you'd love that we have petit bateau and promod - if you don't know the latter, you can check out their website. cute stuff for us. : ) you're almost home! i hope you get some other great memories from the island before you leave. the cow and crab stories are priceless!


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