Celebrating 30 years of him...

posted on: 10.03.2010

Simple was the theme for Wyatt's 30th. He's a simple man, we live on a simple island, so it seemed fitting. (really i was chompin at the bit to throw the bash of his life, but it was his day not mine)

We packed a picnic dinner and hiked up to an old war fort that overlooks the bay.
It was absolute heaven, and we regret not doing it sooner.

Temps were cool, really, we had a nice ocean breeze, and we were the only ones up there. 

Tate claiming the island as hers:) 
This kid was such a ham all night and was cracking us up so bad!
The beautiful view
(we live in one of those small white buildings up on the mountain behind)

No birthday would be complete without cake, right?

We love our Wyatt so much, and had a wonderful day spending it with just him!

30 Letters for 30 years, was what I gave Wyatt for his birthday. Continuing with the simple theme, I gathered 30 of his closest friends and family and they each wrote him a letter stating either their favorite memory of Wyatt, or what they love most about him.

I had the best week, as they slowly started trickling in my inbox, and I could read about why everyone loves him so much. He is quite a catch, and there were some definite reoccurring themes throughout the letters that I loved reading about...

1- He apparently was quite rough with his sisters when they were growing up. This surprised me, as he's actually a really gentle guy, but they seemed to have fond and really funny memories about it. It gave us a good laugh. Especially stories of him beating up boxes, because he had no brothers to wrestle. (For those of you who don't know, he is the only boy in a family of 6 sisters:)!

2- Almost every one of the letters made reference to sports in his life. Either how much they enjoyed watching him play, his sisters feeling cool that the star player was their brother, his mom over hearing parents talk about "this kid" with amazing talent, or his endless wealth of knowledge about all things sport that could rival anyone's. I have always had a thing for athletes... I'm totally one of those girls that just loved the jocks. Sorry. I even married one:)

3- Every single letter mentioned his determination to make things happen for himself. It's really true, and he's always beat out any odds... I love that about him! He really never, ever gives up.

4- As I expected, each letter spoke sweetly about his goodness, to the core. His quiet leadership that has slowly earned the respect of so many people. 

And now that I have completely bragged, and no doubt embarrassed him, I'll stop.


  1. very sweet post - you do a great job of making your family feel loved. i can't get over how happy tate looks in all of your pictures. she's such a doll. i know my son would adore her. : )

  2. you guys are the cutest. for reals.

    also, he had to be rough. in a family of girls, how else was he to survive?!

  3. I look homeless in those pictures. Take a shower. Seriously.

  4. wy, your comments make me laugh so hard!! oh boy, that was a good one.

    you do not though! if that's homeless... i love homeless!

  5. Best wife. What a sweet idea for his 30th birthday. I totally get the low-key celebrations; I had the same internal struggle for BK's 30th but ended up keeping things simple for him - knowing that's what he's prefer (our husbands are so similar). Loved hearing the little tributes. Wyatt's such a gem - as are you. You two are such a sweet couple. And Tate. That girl fits so much personality into that tiny little bod. Cutest thing alive.

    Sent you an email about preschools. Can't wait til you're in town! Hooray!


  6. love the pictures. i'm sure this was wy's ideal day. way to fight the urge to make it more spectacular, but it sounds like it was delightful!!

  7. adorable!

  8. Just blogging around today and found your blog. What beautiful pictures. Thank you for letting me visit.

  9. I love your cute family. Wyatt is great and so are you.

  10. i love that i found you on face book and that you had your blog listed. I'm a bit of a blog stalker. :) ha ha. You look awesome and have the cutest little girl! I'll have to read back and see what you were doing over seas! Sounds exciting, whatever the reason!


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