posted on: 10.13.2010

This video made me smile so much!

What a treasure this would be to have, and mostly what a treasure our sweet children are!


  1. Love it! How fun would that be as a kid, and heck, a grown-up. Plus, I'm loving that song. Thanks for sharing.

  2. ummm loved it! they are such amazing and inspiring people!

  3. I love this!!! I am laughing because I just watched this and am downloading Mindy Gledhill's cd on itunes as we speak because I loved it that much, then saw this on your blog! At least I know now I have good taste:)

  4. Hi!

    Countdown time! We ended up using Carlan. I had talked to her before I was getting some other suggestions because she has kind of been out of the photo thing and is nursing, etc.. but she finally decided to do it after some prodding from me. I think they'll be great, she's so good! Can't wait to see you when you get back. Driving home from dance today Audrey kept asking where Tate was..?!? I tried to explain she was in Dominica- yea didn't go that well. :)

  5. i knoooooooooooow. incredible.

  6. This was so cute! I love the ready to have some little ones now! Thanks for sharing - i'm going to miss you so much ;)

  7. graciousness! I adore nienie, this video just makes me cry.

    Thanks for sharing, Chels!


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